Hi guys,

My new evil character is throwing a barbecue party with human meat and everyone is invited!
Who wants to be part of it??!

the options for you to choose are:

  • Very tasty Human Bacon (I love this idea and your character looks amazing!)
  • Nice blood sausage (I like it! good job!)
  • Human fingers (it´s just OK and here´s my comment to improve your next bbq)
  • Fake meat (terrible work)

Please if you want to be part of this BBQ, leave your comment followed by one of your food choice

You can see more at my artstation page

i used the Skin Shader from ZenShaders


ahh , i really should fetch my sword !!!
nice work !!!

Looks great. There are some fireflies on the horns and shoulders.

Bacon for me please! Very nice character!!

Thank you very much

More of this guy


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Very nice concept and execution.

Really good. We are in T-Shirt in february in Germany. I had red paprikas until early december on my Balcony without any protections. So your demon can be happy, soon 8 billions people on his BBQ if we continue like today. Or people could just enjoy spending time with people they like/love… and then he has to take vegies :stuck_out_tongue:

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Amazing work! Bacon all the way.

Hotdog please

Thank you Very Much @bartv , It is nice to be part of this comunity

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Thank you for your kind words @Grzesiek

Totally, @bliblubli This looks like this is going to be a big barbecue in a short amount of time. Let’s go politicians. :frowning:

Thank you very much @Gnrl_Azr RevolverX, @Grzesiek and cooking your orders :wink:

Really nice model, it could use some work on the lighting though. It looks kinda flat! I think you should find a better suiting background and lightsetup. Prhaps much darker background so it will disconnect from the background more. It looks kind of blunt now… But its just an idea

here’s a super dirty and quick style test. Added a bit of purple and darkened all

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Thank you man, i appreciate so much your feedback


Hi @rombout, thanks you very much for your time exploring posibilities.,
but i had tryed before my final image some backgrounds more dirty and dark an i thought that this do not worked, because i want to focus the atention into my model, I think that in this kind of image the model loses its strength

Thanks man

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Ah okay, yes its a personal taste. I also wasnt very sure of this dark background. But the model can use some contrast :slight_smile:

I also think i over did a bit in my version. It was darker but than i started adding to much… hahaha

Ok @rombout, i appreciate your interest and your feedback, and you can be sure that I will consider your feedback for future jobs.

Thank you.

One more


Love the image.

Will admit it took me two looks to see that he is holding the grill in his right hand. :slight_smile: