Desideratum (v2.0)


We DESPERATELY NEED RIGGERS AND ANIMATORS! If you think you are good at this, B3D00 and I will let you in on our game project. We have 3 things that need animating, and 2 that need rigging! We are looking for CONCEPTS, DESIGNS, STORYLINES, AND IDEAS!

Hello BlenderArtists community! I would like to present my game, Rozzy’s Desideratum to you guys and hopefully get some feedback and some help. (I don’t want to sound “selfish” by naming a game after myself, I just like that name…)

A short list of features includes
-Texture stencils
-Collision boxes
-Giant map
-Fully animated and rigged main character (Rozzy)
-A steady framerate of 50 - 60
-Dynamic Lights
-Realistic Water
-Smooth transitioning animations
-And more

More Info

Chat: -You can find B3D00, -[Killer]- and I here very often, talking about development

Walk cycle of main character, video:

Sorry, gotta download the game and play it to see more!
-Demo v 2.0 can be found HERE
-Demo can be found HERE.
Make sure you play in an APRICOT build!

The fence is a bit large, no?

I don’t see any problems with the fence,

this demo looks awesome. Seems like some solid work. And nice use of some of the latest blender features!

Hey it’s really nice, and it taught me how to use texture stencils.

Keep working on it!

You must be referring to the screenshot. It is just the perspective in that case.

Does anyone else have any crits?

I can help on Python…
You should make a skybox :wink:
The character needs hair.

Sweet, I’ll pm you…

And yes, I know he needs hair, and I need a skybox. But skyboxes are just to easy to make. I’ll get around to it, I’m working on other stuff atm.

Yes, I was referring the the screen. It looks real good! Either make hair or a hat. I think a hat with hair sticking out would look good.

A helm!!!

Yeah, thats a good idea. I tried making a helmet, but he looked like a… dare I say it? :rolleyes:

I’ll figure something out. That is the least of my worrys atm.
I have another demo coming out soon, with another dungeon type level, with dynamic lights, stairs, weapons, AND, a new camera system thanks to B3D00.

Everything it’s done, except the weapons.
Should I say weapon?
There won’t be weapons until the inventory system it’s made.
We also have realtime shadows.

Yes B3D00, I made his sword now. I will also make his torch later. The new demo will be CRAZY!

I run it in 2.47 release candidate and it run very nicely. I hope to see this game finished.

Do you need anything? I’m a bit bored at the moment.

Dynamic lights, another level, More animations, New camera controls, AHH!! It makes me want to cry with tears of JOY!

Give it a whirl!
(Note, in order to play the second level, which is highly suggested, change the scene to “Lev 2”)

A hugeonormus Gimungus giganticathonic thanks to B3D00 for all his help implemenitng the camera, stamina, water, lights, and tons more…




Killer, I will send you a PM.

I have no glsl so I can’t help with that. But I can model and texture.

That’s beyond amazing!!! I’m making a game I hope to be like this :wink: downloaded demo…

Looking good, i like the character controls and movement. The running works very well.

In level 2 the shadows really add to it, makes it look much more realistic.

this is pretty sweet; i really like that 2nd level, i can imagine fighting monsters down there. the camera goes through the walls sometimes though. keep up the good work guys :slight_smile: and if you need some things modeled/textured/animated msg me.