Desk-friends WIP (The movie is finished!!)

-------------EDIT: For newcomers, CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FINISHED MOVIE-----------------

------EDIT 2: some of the videos in this thread are now privatised, the password to those are “JOHN” (little selfish, I know :P)--------

Hi I’ve been thinking about making this project for some time now and now I think it’s time to begin.

These characters I’m going to make in this WIP thread is meant to be for a short movie which I still havn’t thought out a story for, so if you have some good ideas you like to share, I’m glad to hear them.

I’ve currently designed a tape measurer and a pencil which is to be done in a kind of cartoony way.

I’ve begun on the tape measurer and I’m currently looking for a good tutorial on how to make those cute eyes you see in every 3d movie nowadays.


A quick update:


another quick update, eyelids (don’t know if the rig is good but it’s still eyelids and they work : ))


ok, i’ve worked a bit at home so I havn’t been able to post any pictures but i’ve finished the tape measurer.

pics below : )


some more pics that didn’t fit into the previous post


And ok, I’ve also begun on a pencil. I think that it looks really nice so far. And yes it will have eyes to… :stuck_out_tongue:


the handle is done : )

looks quite professional I think, one of the best things I’ve done : )


Its a good idea.
Looks good so far
I give you full marks for conveying expressions just through the eyelids. I loved that
What’s the material on the pen grip ? looks quite realistic.And what solution did u find for the eyes?
You will start getting comments now.
Looking forward to the end result. Keep Posting!
My Wip-

Thank you GodOfBigThings : )

the material is really simple it’s just a black material with really low “hard” and a little specular which makes the specular soft and spreaded out. look at the picture below.

and for the eyes i just followed a simple tutorial found here

I’m also done with the goldcolored thing inside the pencil, I’m trying to keep away from using rayreflections so nothing in these both models will have reflections just using specularity to imitate the metal glance.


yay! the pencil is done eccept for the eyes (which shouldnt take so long to make) But it looks as realistic as I wanted.

enjoy : )


Looks like a Pilot G2 Pen - kinda nerdy but I love them.

I also love your style! It really is coming along quite nicely. Especially the pencil. I’m really looking forward to seeing more progress. Keep it Up!

I’m really enjoying your thread, the tape measurer looks great and the pen too, keep us posted!

[email protected] thank you. yep, its a pilot, the model I have. I don’t know about the color though, it’s supposed to be a “happy looking” project so I might change the color to something more happy…

Khell[PT]@ Thanks, I will : )

Ok, here’s a quick update. I think that the eyes are going to be where they are. Hope that they doesn’t look too staring (If that’s a word…).


Ok, I feel like the pencil is done, though I might give it a mouth in the future.

Right now I’m working on a simple straightedge, it’s just a subsurfed qube with a texture of my own straightedge scanned into the computer. Looks kinda nice though : )


Ok, I’ve added the eyes to him and rigged his mouth so, here are some pics which should show his personality quite good : )

Enjoy (He’s really high on something in the pic with big eyes… :P)


nice work love the ruler

Hi again, since the ruler is concidered done for now I’ve started on another object.

A stapler : )


love that last pic of the ruler :slight_smile: edit: reminds me of Odie from Garfield

might be cool if you could see the measurment when he opens his mouth, instead of splitting it between the 3 and 4…so in the last shot his mouth would go from 3.2cm to 10cm, nearly 7cm of shock/surprise :slight_smile:
just an idea, i have no idea how it would be done, looking good as it is.

keep up the good work


Thanks Gahn : )

Yea, he’ll have kinda the same personallity as Odie. But maybe a little more “crazy” : )
I think i get your idea, yea that would be nice, more “cartoony” but just like you I don’t really know how to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just doing what I’m good at (and that’s not rigging nor animation…)

Here’s another update on the stapler.


wow, preety cool models along the thread, i like your realistic models and their ways of expression
(except for the tape measurer, it looks too cartoony compared to the others, but it’s a good model, though