This is my latest. This image will be used my new web site design later.

That is excellent the textures are good too.

you should make the rendered image on screen larger, It would give a great effect

really nice models and rendering.

just the tablet is a bit wierd. at least min a a small lighter/transparent border.

otherwise it looks awsome

Very nice!

Wondering why the right side is blurry?

You have a Blender-test on your keyboard? :smiley:
Awesome! Great work.

Thanks all,

I don’t understand why the larger image is good:confused:

I will consider it, when I render this scene in Indigo or Yafray.

The reason is same Z value. I added the DOF using Z value in nodes function.

It’s special tool for blenderheads:D

i dont like the angle,other than that its pretty cool. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I like the angle or not (one of many ways I’m lacking artistically) but I did notice I was sort of turning my head and neck to view the image. Sort of strange/disorienting/neat all at the same time.

Did anyone else get that feeling? Like you’re leaning forward, about to tip over?

The reason why I chose this angle is that I will use this image for my web design. (I considered its integration to the design)
You will see.

my only critique is that it’s too clean! maybe throw in a few pencils, grunge map on the keyboard, coffee rings on the desk, fingerprints on the mouse, piles of dirty underwear in the background, stacks of ramen noodles’ cup-o-noodle© styrofoam empties mixed with crushed cans of mountain dew and red bull, scraps of torn and broken dreams littering the floor in a fetid display of artistic frustration…oh wait.

that’s my desk. sorry.

great texture work and composition:D

really great work. i love the composition, and particularly the chair cloth texture.

4 from me

NodeRanger and traitor,

Composition??? I don’t prefectly know the definition of composition.
But I didn’t do any composition except blur.
All items in the scene were created by one rendering of blender internal.

And my desk is clean:p

Thank you for your comments.

I really like it! The texturing is awesome (esp. the chair)!

Keep up the good work!

Composition doesn’t have to be a technical term. They were just saying that they like the way you put your stuff on the table. :slight_smile:

brilliant texturing and lighting my only crits are the camera angle and the monitor model looks a bit under modeled compared to the rest of the scene

Very nice.
I kind of like the angle, shows off the fantastic chair texture! Makes a good triangular motion to the composition - monitor=>tablet=>chair=>monitor, books…

Shows that you are about to sit down or just stood up…

The monitor is fine - looks like mine - plain square and black. :slight_smile:
A slightly bigger/less extreme view angle might be ok, if it doesn’t throw off the composition.
The right side does have some DOF blur (added for the floor no doubt), but I think its okay.
Nice, clean (unlike mine), professional desk.

Thanks for the explanation.

simbadinuk and dgebel
Umm… deferent opinion… But I’m glad to hear from dgebel agree to my image:)

Cuby, Thank you.

no that i luck back at it the angles not bad im just used to anglesa that show off the model, yours looks almost like its the view through somebodys eyes… fallin over the chair or a wire lol

Great image so far, but I you are wondering about an angle…
Just my suggestion (just a quick mock-up of your scene with innacurate photoshoped DOF:D ):