Destructive Extrude [BETA]


(Dheim) #241

Any idea why I might be getting this error message?

This is running the version of your script I downloaded on Jan 7th and from a build of Blender from that morning. If I try to run the script on a simple box it works fine with no error, but I don’t know what it would be about this basic mesh that it doesn’t like. There are no other modifiers on the mesh.

(Darcvizer) #242

Please send me a scene, I will check and try to solve the problem.

(Dheim) #243

I sent you a DM with a link to a dropbox file. I did a Destructive Extrude on one section of it just so you could see the “broken” state. Message me if you need any more info. Thanks!

(CC_BY) #244

Hi. Is there a DE version working with Blender 2.8 Beta? I’ve tried both the gumroad and latest github but nothing appears. Am I missing something on 2.8? Thanks!

(Darcvizer) #245

(CC_BY) #246

Thanks! :smile: