Developer Meeting Notes

Monday was a public holiday so this week got skipped, from last weeks notes

Here are the notes from today’s developer meeting. Next meeting is Monday,
29 April 18:00 CEST / 17:00 UTC. We skip next week’s meeting that would
have been on easter Monday.

Skipped right over that, thanks for the heads up.
I’ll have to read the beginning more carefully:blush:

New Features and Changes

User Interface

  • The top bar with tool settings is now part of the 3D viewport and image editor headers instead of being global. Further changes are planned, this is not the final design yet. ( Campbell Barton, Brecht Van Lommel )
  • The Adjust Last Operation panel can now be optionally hidden in the 3D viewport and other headers, from the view menu. In this case the menu can be accessed from the global Edit menu, or the F9 shortcut key. ( Campbell Barton )
  • Industry Compatible Keymap: many updates based on user feedback. ( William Reynish )
  • Outliner: show children of objects inside collections again. Child objects that are members of a different collection are drawn with a stippled line and greyed out. (commit ) ( Dalai Felinto )

3D Viewport

  • Display of edit mode vertices, edges and faces has been improved. ( Clément Foucault )
  • Solid draw mode now supports displaying Vertex colors, next to Single, Object, Material and Random. ( Jeroen Bakker )
  • Mesh Analysis display options in the viewport are now available again. ( Jeroen Bakker )
  • The grid in side views and the grid floor in perspective views can now be enabled or disabled separately. ( Jeroen Bakker )

Video Sequencer

  • The cache system was rewritten. There is now more user control, with settings about what to cache in the Proxy & Cache panel in the sidebar. Cached frames are now displayed in the sequencer timeline. (commit) ( Richard Antalík )


  • Spline IK: support changing individual bone length via Y scaling. (commit ) ( Alexander Gavrilov )
  • Bendy Bones: split the Scale In/Out properties into X and Y values. ( Alexander Gavrilov )
  • Grease Pencil:
    • New dots gradient. (commit ) ( Antonio Vazquez )
    • New normalize weights and normalize all operators for vertex groups. ( Antonio Vazquez )
  • Text editor: convert tabs to spaces on paste, if the Tabs to Spaces setting is enabled. ( Bruno Boaventura Scholl )
  • Images: packing of painted and baked images now works for float and multilayer images. ( Brecht Van Lommel )


  • There is a blog post on new module teams organization.
  • Clang-format is now used for formatting the Blender source code. All committers must used it for consistent style. For more information and how to update branches, see the wiki page .

Weekly Reports


Lots of nice quality-of-life and usability improvements this week, and I’m sure the VSE people will be thrilled with what arrived in an area that usually receives little attention.

This rate of development, unfortunately, is something you just don’t see much with the big commercial vendors anymore (unless they are a company whose product is a game engine).



Following the 2.80 release plan , we should stop doing significant user interface and Python API changes next week. After that the focus will be on bugfixing and documentation. Developers should focus on finishing user interface and API changes as soon as possible.

New Features and Changes


  • Pose mode mirroring for the transform tool was added, similar to other modes that already supported it. This works in either absolute mode to ensure the bone position and rotation is exactly the same on both sides, or relative mode to apply the same relative transformation to both sides. ( Sebastian Parborg )
  • Armature and lattice deform is now multithreaded. ( Alexander Gavrilov )


  • Sequencer scene strip performance for has been much improved, and available settings have changed. For wireframe solid display type, it will now use the workbench render settings from the scene used in the strip. Optionally this can be overridden with the workbench render settings from the scene containing the strips. ( Jeroen Bakker )


  • Anti-aliasing settings for the workbench render engine have been changed to match the viewport. Viewport Render now uses faster anti-aliasing by default for quick playblasts. ( Jeroen Bakker ).
  • Eevee now supports viewport preview of background alpha. ( Clément Foucault )
  • Lookdev HDR preview balls now have a configurable size in the preferences. ( George Vogiatzis )
  • Sculpt mode support for displaying multiple materials. ( Clément Foucault )

User Interface

  • Clicking in empty space to deselect now works in all editors, not just the 3D viewport. ( Bastien Montagne )
  • Proportional editing is now a toggle in all modes, with additional settings depending on the mode in the popover next to it. ( Campbell Barton )
  • Remove Doubles was renamed to Merge by Distance, and is part of the Merge menu. ( William Reynish )
  • Industry standard keymap: many tweaks based on user feedback. ( William Reynish )
  • New and updated icons. ( Andrzej Ambroż )
  • UV sculpt tools are now integrated into the new tool system. ( Campbell Barton )
  • Annotate is now available in sculpt and paint modes. ( William Reynish )
  • Outliner visual tweaks to make it look less busy. ( Harley Acheson )
  • On macOS, shortcuts in menus now use icons for modifier keys. ( Harley Acheson )
  • The tool settings user interface has been tweaked further. The properties editor now always shows tool settings for the 3D viewport, while other editors like the image editor show them in their own sidebar. ( Campbell Barton )

Grease Pencil

  • Add stroke color to materials popover, API additions to check annotations and create/remove grease pencil settings on a material. ( Antonio Vazquez )
  • New video about textured brushes. Brushes available for download on . ( Daniel Martinez Lara )

Weekly Reports


Where do we turn these on and off? The only way I can find of getting them to display is by switching to the preset ‘Shading’ workspace.




D’oh! Cheers :slight_smile:

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I’m not concerned the performance and function .

I’m worried about UI, UX, UE .

great news ! this week will be the last for the ui and python api !!!
so from the next week its all about bug fixing and improve performance !!!

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Timeline scrubbing committed. You can just click+drag the playhead. As someone that has used LMB-select for years, this is a VERY welcome addition. (choppyness is just due to the gif)

@William now that RMB isn’t needed for scrubbing, would a context menu for animation editors be possible?


Yes that is the plan - it’s being done in a separate commit. Edit: done.


By the way, can we have a simple way to convert the Lookdev presets into World settings? They’re often a better start than plain grey.


I don’t have an older build to test it : Is there a good improvement about FPS ?

The icon colors are such a hamfisted solution with no subtlety at all. Anyone know if custom icons are still coming?

I didn’t notice any difference in speed

The page is currently down for me, but this is the current patch with discussion and status.

edit: page is up again

yep, seems to be down alright.

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Another day, another weird change.

What is the current method to exclude an object from render, but not from viewport? The little camera icon in the outliner seems to have gone poof.

That one is not shown by default for some reason. Click the filter and bring it back into view:



You can show the other states as well now.

So to tally the current score :slight_smile:
good: the other states can be shown now
weird: the really useful hide_render button is not shown by default
bad: hide_viewport in python is busted

Edit: Another change was checked in. So now collection.hide_viewport works again… but it actually toggles what looks like instance hiding. The ‘eye’ toggle still seems unreachable from python. Weird-ish.

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