Dippy Dragon

He’s being modeled after a figurine I have. He’s only half done at the moment. His head was a pain in the butt. If I get the topology good enough, I do wanna try and animate him. Dong what yet, I dont know.

So far I’m liking how he’s coming out. C & C always appreciated. Maybe y’all will see something I dont.


Off to a good start - are you going to do the whole set? The mood and baby mood set?

The top horns don’t match the ref - the ref is located near the bottom of the eye and curl up a bit and the nose horn is a bit flat. The eyebrow should be a bit higher as well.

Not sure about whole set yet. I believe I only have the mood ones. Yeah, the eyes so far have been the bane of this project. Worse than the head. But I think I figured it out. Now I’m just stuck on how to get the legs to go right. Everything I do makes him look WAY to bottom heavy. Was gonna try to do him in the sitting position, but thinking that may not work.

There was another one I tried to do (Sneaky), and it came it horrible, at least in my opinion:


Sneaky isn’t too bad - the body is a bit flat and the mouth is too thin compared to the head. The cheeks should only come out a little past the mouth. You have the head better with dippy.

That’s assuming you want to recreate the object and not just use it for inspiration.

As for the sets - the mood dragons are a set of 12, the baby mood dragons are a set of 6. The labels make them look like one set, but the baby set was sold separate and they are all siting in their eggs.

Your making me think of starting the set myself.

Yeah Sneaky turned into playing with textures, and lighting, etc. Was definitely going for likeness.

I have the 12 set of the mood ones.Some doubles even. LOL But only one of the babies, Pouty. Dangit, Now I want the other 5.

If you want to do them, I can take pics (the best I can) if you don’t have any of the set. (Something tells me you do tho. :slight_smile: )

Yeah I got all 18 and various other odd dragons. I have two other part sets that are dragons (3 of each set) (From Franklin Mint if you didn’t know). One set are under glass domes, the other set are rather large models with them perched on crystal bases.

Well I got them about 10 years ago so I would guess ebay and garage sales as the only way to get them now.

*** warning frustration may follow ***

A quick search shows there are some available on ebay.

This page lists all the mood dragons - I never did get the three millennium ones…

This page shows a set I have three of.

This is one of the other part set I have.

Frustration is an understatement. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I had the whole set…oops, guess not.

Colors are just place holders (maybe)…legs still frustrating me. Fixed the horns and the eyebrows. Wasnt so much the eyebrows as it was the back of his head though.


Cool Dragon!

Looking good

Thank you both. Here’s an update. He now has feet and toes, which are still being tweaked. Hopefully the hands wont take as long, as its the same concept as the feet.


He now has hands, a tail, scales and wings!

Something seems off to me, but I cant place my finger on what.


haha !
cool !
try to add some details on its stomach…
5/5 ! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bryan!

When I tried to rotate his legs from sitting position, his feet were so horribly off and became ugly to me. So I redid legs in standing position, and now the feet look much better to me, IMO. Redoing the hands. I figure it might be better to rig him this way as well. I played around with rigging, and I’m so lost on it.

Ignore the plane (where the shadows are) I needed something for him to stand on to make sure his feet were even.


He now has better hands and the gem. Lowered the abdomen, and the knees.

Also, when I faced him forward, he was a bit bottom heavy, so I put him on super slim fast and now his thunder thighs are gone.

Any other things that I may not see? C & C always appreciated.


To be honest, I think the thighs are just wee bit too thin now. His bathing-suit area is distractingly wide, perhaps as a result.

Also, I notice the feet seem slightly crooked somehow. A bit turned-outwards, I’d say.

I’m not sure that was smartest angle to fit the hands on, either. It would be difficult to make his palms face down as they are, without twisting his shoulder or elbow quite a bit.

edit: Of course, if you’re just looking to imitate the figurine, and not use the character for animation, I suppose that it’s acceptable as is.

I think you’re right. Tweak one thing, and inevitably, something else needs fixing. I would like to possibly animate him, if I ever get that far…I cant even figure out how to rig yet. LOL So if the hands give me issues, its a simple fix (at least in my head.) And who knows, if I have to re-do it, maybe the 3rd try of his hands/fingers will turn out even better. LOL

As for the feet…if I turn the 2 inner toes out a smidgeon, I’m thinking it might balance off the crooked look to it.

Unless I’m mistaken, in Blender 2.49b you can use the “Y” shortcut to Split the hands off. You can then re-attach them at a different angle if needs be.

As for rigging, there’s plenty of information on that at Blender.org. I only learned how to do it myself a few weeks ago, and it’s still a tricky business for me.

I’m curious, is this a viewport snapshot or a render? The materials look rather dull and I wonder if that’s the intended effect.

Its a render. Materials were/are place holders. Had to give him character while I was working on him. :slight_smile:
That I turned the specular completely down.

Thanks for the Y tip. Made things much easier. I fixed his toes. The feet still look slightly off to me, but when I look at the mesh itself, I cant figure out where it is. But anyways, here’s the update…


Ok, fixed the feet, although it may not appear as such. Fixed his thighs, I hope. There are 9 poles left that I cannot wrap my head around on how to fix. Every time I try to fix one, I cause another one. :frowning: I’m hoping they are in an area where they wont affect animation…but if they are, please tell me.

I attached the blend file if anyone wants to take a look at it, since I know the wireframes are a bit hard to see.


dippy hands down.blend (379 KB)