DIY VR-headset

My latest project in my series of DIY-tech; a VR-headset built around the Raspberry Pi.

Enter the world of virtual gameplay with the Stereoscopic Display System. A three-dimensional stereo-emmersive 64-bit video game system based on the powerfull Raspberry Pi.


That’s exquisite. Welcome to BA! :confetti_ball:

All done in Blender?

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Yes, except for a couple of details that are added in Substance (Logo on the back and some stitches). Rendered in Cycles.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Terrific work with the materials. The elaboration is amazing. Is it possible to ask you questions about setting up the materials? Would it be too intrusive? Thank you!


Great…love how every minute details have been carefully modelled.


What’s not to love about this?
The design, the soft lighting, the mood, the camera angles, the grading, the modeling, and the surfacing are all top-notch!


Super clean nice job.


Amazing work. Following.


incredible work, specially on the textures, you can really “feel” them, lighting is spot on, i love it.

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Like real photos - fantastic!


Welcome in this amazing community Moonshake :wink:
Once again, crazy good render!

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Oh my goodness…this is incredible!!! So much attention to detail. You are a real Master of the Mystic Arts!

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Looks so good, I would totally wear that over my Quest 2! :slight_smile:

Please when you get some free time, please do a Making of, I think there would be alot of interesting things to learn from you!

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Great model and renders.
One question, on lenses are ridges. What is his purpose?

You are more than welcome to ask any questions you might have :smile:
As long as we keep topology out of this, we should be fine…


Ah, Ronan! Nice to see a familiar face around here :sweat_smile:


Those are fresnel lenses.

Up until recently, they were the standard for vr headsets. The idea is that the glass focuses your eyes to infinity so the screen you’re looking at looks infinitely far away instead of just an inch or two away from your eyes. It’s absolutely vital to the hardware functioning as it should. The ridges allows it to focus at more extreme angles without being a thick steep cut of glass. They’ve recently been replaced in newer headset models with pancake lenses; the kind you’d see on cameras. They allow displays to be much closer to the glass and therefore the device to be much much smaller.

I’m fascinated by just how functional this headset looks, actually! This is exactly the kind of gear the scene desperately needs right now lmao. It’s almost depressing it ain’t real.

edit: Aaaagh I cannot get over how fucking sexy the wood looks I want this so bad even though the interface looks like it’d hurt after a bit. This is exactly how I want to see wood and renewable materials used in tech! I don’t wanna exaggerate or blow smoke up your ass but this right here is like a peak into a utopia we’re just not gonna have lmao


Hard to tell these aren’t real. Great work. How did you create that fabric effect along the vertical headband?

Very nice!