do you think this is special effects or real? ? i cant tell

do you think this is special effects? i cant tell… it looks pretty real to me… what do you guys think? cuz if it is real then that would be scarry

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josiah, what is it? I can barely see a thing, the compression is so bad. I would say fake, but I don’t even know what’s being faked.

that wasnt my video and i think it was shot on a camera phone so the quilty wont get much better and didnt you see the wierd black thing?

it just looks like a tree shadow to me. the quality sux so much i can even tell.

i use to live in a heavly wooded area, the shadows jump around alot in the woods and they just give off illusions. thoose guys are wusses running from an illusionary shadow.:rolleyes:

…yea im kinda disguested with these videos, its the 21st freakin century, and people cant seem to learn how to use a camera when something supposedly happens.

What the hell was that? I’m not talking about the supposed scariness of the video, I’m talking about the quality of the video and the stupidity of the person holding the camera or phone or whatever it is. It’s as if they’re purposefully waving it about.

ya i know what was up with the cesor camera?

ya lol…

i dont think a tree could have made that wierd shadow thingie… must a been the ent thingie from lord of the rings

haven’t watched it, but it’s fake

so FX you think?

maybe this is what it is?

the video is crap. there is a bunch of 12 year old kids trying to remake the blair witch project. i use to do it to when i was little. i would take a camera to the woods, (shaking it all around to make it look “cool”) then i would pretend to get scared and run away from nothing screaming my head off (shakeing the camera at my feet while i ran). later i would show it to my friends and then we would go do the same thing all over again. its a camera game for little kids.

anyway, tree shadows are possible.
light comes through the leaves and casts shadows on other leaves, and those leaves cast another set of shadows which are broken by some of the light that comes through the canopy, so on and so fourth. combine that with the fact that the leaves are constantly moving and its easy to get caught in an illlusion of something “being there”

lots of times i use to go hunt and i would blast the holiest form of crap out of the trees cause i thought i saw somthing i didnt. this is especially true at night.

um… pretty crazy for leaves to make a shadow like that… and ya i know they could be faking it but how would the shadow get there? and like that i really dont think leaves and tree braches could do that but mabye there was someone behind the trees that you couldnt see that made the shadow? but then again it moved way to fast

Easy. It was faked. And, it is easy to fake, too. Get a black person to dress all in black, and have him walk towards the camera as you shake it around. The shaking causes it to blur, making it look like a shadow.

um… pretty crazy for leaves to make a shadow like that…

im telling you dude, its totally possible. not for this shadow in particual (cause its not even a shadow) but for some crazy sighting that ive heard about its usally distorted shadows.

yes im so sure a black guy in black clothes was really the shadow

what am I supposed to be seeing there? The quality of the video is too low and the camera is too shaky. Could some one just say the specific time the shadow is supposed the be there.