I’d like to start a thread about doodles - things u make between normal/bigger projects, various feature tests and in general daily works that arent worth mentioning in the finished gallery, but showing techniques/workflows that u want to share with others or simply some interesting piece which u’d like to show for some particular reason. (I think we all have tons of such ‘small’ renders ;P)

As i hope i wont be the only one posting my doodles here, here are 3 rules that should make this thread better :wink: (i dont have any ways of forcing them though, so please have them in mind while posting):

  • Add some description of what u wanted to test/achieve … maybe why did u start making your test in the first place :wink:
  • Post .blend files! (eg. so everyone can see exactly how u’ve done it and get the best insight possible
  • Dont ask questions not related to posted works, noone likes off-topic chats right?I think that would be all
    Happy doodle’ing :wink:

PS. ill post some doodles in a sec

from now on, all my doodles are available at

from now on, you can check out my video doodles at:

So, for a nice start here are mine:

Playing with curves and SSS, wanted to get a kind of “flesh and machine (bloody machine)” feeling out of this one, it certainly got out of control… was suppose to be a quick test and ended up a 2-day work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (46.7 Kb ) and a wallpaper size render

Simple car rigging and animation test, which grew a bit more when i started playing with particles and stuff :wink:
animation: @google Video (73.8 Kb )

And now for some more recent ones:
I wanted to test the qmc build as it has a lot of promising features. Finally it will be possible (when it gets optimized that is ;]) to make real car paint mats with glossy metal reflection and hard reflection for the actual paint on top. Here’s a test (grainy… dont have enough CPU power to make a render in decent time) (127.6 Kb )

and Finally, I’m recently playing a lot with Blender Internal to get a nice workflow for making real looking studio renders with area lights and AO. I did this one yesterday… kind of iCow material :wink: (57.6 Kb )

Cool, I like the first one a lot! What’s the purpose of the planes behind the area lights?:eyebrowlift2:
EDIT: Ohh… it’s to reflect on the object, I think… clever…

Glad u like it and yes these are for reflection.

Ok, well here’s my quick doodle. Nothing special. That’s why it’s a doodle.
I didn’t really make this for any reason in particular… just to experiment with the array modifier (and curve modifier).
For something like this, I don’t think a blend file is really required… but I can answer any questions.

100% blender.

This thread is not a bad idea IMO. Bump to get more people to see it.:eyebrowlift:

hey, the studio-setup is great - never seen such a good setup.

but why do you use 4 area-lights in front of the planes instead of just 1 area-light?

by the way: my old doodle


My doodle.
5 minutes.


thx for bringing the topic back :wink:
nice doodles, but please read the rules… only 3 of them right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

thx, nice sss test :wink:
area lights in blender internal dont throw area diffusion (the diffuse on the object doesnt depend on the area light size), the only difference between area and simple light is that area lights drop soft shadows… this is really annoying when u want to use really big area lights, so for a nice diffuse u have to fake it…
dont know why blender devs made area lights that way :wink:

Hey great thread!

The purpose of this test was to test out dtp Blender and so I fooled around and made this!

dtp blend file HERE


wow, i didnt even know that there are such blender extensions, will have to check it out.
Actually such news were my motivation for creating this thread, show something that maybe not everyone knows of (with examples).
Thx :slight_smile:

Hello, here’s my latest doodle. The main purpose of it was to test out network rendering with Indigo 0.9. :

![ Renders Pash/oldspiralsmall.png]( Renders Pash/oldspiralsmall.png) <----2mb warning

And here is the Indigo Scene (.IGS). Only opens with Indigo 0.8 and 0.9 —>

After quite a while
here’s another quickie, boring lectures can inspire strange concepts :wink: (53.4 Kb )

Wallpaper size if anyone’s interested


Testing Indigo and Blendigo v1.04 on Ubuntu. I had wanted to try lighting something from the bottom like this as well. The reflection on the floor did not turn out as well as I had hoped it would.

.blend download link on left side of this page.

Here’s a quick hairball test I did using the new particles that’s been integrated. This is from an SVN build of the code a week or so ago.

This is my doodle for today. It’s just an array and SSS-nothing more. And ambient occlusion, of course. I don’t know where to put the blendfile though.

Happy New Year Everyone ! (it’s New Year here in Poland already :P)

Sorry for the broken links in my earlier posts, but my file hoster has closed down and i need to find a new reliable one. Thus, i cant host .blend’s for these as well…

anyways, just 3 quickies… well 2 quickie and the last one took some time longer but was fun anyways :slight_smile:

I was asked about my grass and sky setup for Homie so i did a quick presentation to show it (42.6 Kb )

Something sculpt-like :stuck_out_tongue:
just fooling around with sculpt (dont think a .blend is neccessary for this one :P)

this took me almost the whole day to get it right, too bad the carpet looks dirty but i dont know how to fix it really :wink:
this was done using a recent svn build to test blender internal and it’s new features: overall qmc, new particles and most of all area light diffuse fix…
… finally someone fixed it (for project peach) and now area lights work as planned and i dont have to switch to yafray anymore wen i just want to use area lights :wink: (4.1 Mb ) (WARNING: requires a recent svn build, get one from


  • Kroni

OMG! How did you do that carpet! its awesome!!

thx :wink:
it’s nothing special, just standard hair on top of a plane, for details check the .blend. The only special is the strand material to fool AO a bit :wink: the problem was that strands are very close to each other so AO will make them nearly black, so i had to brighten them up using nodes.

Anyways i have finally found a decent new file hoster and replaced all the broken links with current working ones, or at least they should be working :wink:


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Here’s a doodle of mine:

Small animation to go with:

Inspiration from Myst.

And the .blend (textures will probably not be included):

Here’s a crappy one I did: