Downloads - Maritime - Section-3

Intro - Page continues from section 2.
Routes will start again at the Solway Firth following around the coastline.

Routes will be at or under 5 megabyte including textures.
Past Ages and Bygone Times as with my previous website.
Brief details
Not for commercial use
Use at your own risk.
All dates, routes. content, descriptions or details in readme, etc, may be approximate or include guesswork.
You will need to download Blender 2.79b from the archives.

Further details will be in the zip file as readme etc.
Roaming camera - home/end, arrow keys
Ship movements or animations - keys 1 to 9 to start them.

My method of drivable/sailing the sailing vessels does not seem to work with the steamships so these will be on present tracks set in motion with he keyboard keys 1 to 9.

The first 3 steamships route will be the ones already made and will see if any alterations required to the contemt, etc, before making them available for download.


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01 Silloth docks.
key 1 starts two cargo ships leavng the dock for the open dock.
key 2 starts the distant cargo ship on route to the Silloth docks. Esc to leave. (3.4 MB)

Ships on the move in Silloth Docks

02 Maryport
Key 1 opens dock gates and sets ship in motion
key 2 starts the tow.
roaming camera home/end arrow keys
Esc leave. (3.6 MB)

Amended key 1 operates all (3.6 MB)

03 Workington - Harrington -Whitehaven
3 different docks in this route
03 Workington, Harrington,Whitehaven
The keyboard keys for this route, 1,2,3,4,5.6.
Use at your own risk
Not for commercial use.

Three ships Workington- in the distance - keys, 1,2,3,
One ship Harrington dock key 4
Two ships Whitehaven keys 5,6
Time approx. from 600 seconds to 2500 for the different routes although they might differ.

Workington top of route dock - Three distant steam-ships - two enter through dock gates. One enters the open dock. keys 1,2,3,

Harrington middle dock - One steam-ship moves from inner to outer dock. key 4.

Whitehaven dock bottom of route - one ship manoeveurs from the open dock through two sets of dock gates into dock in corner. The second ship has quite a long journey along the coast to the Workington dock at the beginning of the route. I set this to approx 2500 seconds. keys 5,6,

Some routes maybe just one key, others may use a few keboard keys to set them into motion.
Roaming camera is home/end/arrow keys.
Esc to leave. (4.0 MB)

Amended missing texture 02042020 (4.0 MB)

Plan of the Routes

Quite fascinating watching the vessels manoevering into position in the 3 different docks. You can always remove my setup of the paths and place your own using the timeline.

Age of Sail continues completed routes
Use at your own risk - Not for commercial use.
Annan Harbour Scotland on Solway Firth (2.4 MB)

This sectiond started with the steamers and now continues with the age of Sail, returning to the Solway Firth as before and working around the coastline.
All routes are for vessels on preset tracks and animations.
No further drivable vessels, as these are avilable on the various pages to download
River Annan with 2 vessels passing mid-river.
Distant schooner aproaching.
keys 1 starts the the vessels in river.
key 2 starts the distant schooner.
key 3 starts the barge on ramp launching.

The steamers were numbered 1,2,3.
Sailing vessels start from 1 and I will be adapting all the routes I made to preset routes and animations. So Solway Firth to Lands End and further eventually.


02 Solway - Upper reaches of the Solway Firth.
Not for commercial use. Use at your own risk.
Rockcliffe and Port (4.6 MB) . See readme.
Sailing-flats start with key 1.

Edit view of the height map.

Note - Making these routes gets difficult, as with the age of sail many of the docks had yet to be built, say up to 1815. On the Internet it then becomes difficult, unless you come across an old painting of what the harbour looked liked before the docks.
That is the reason for swapping between age of sail or propellor drive cargo ships.
Please note unless you post about any missing textures I will be unable to correct them.

What I read on my computer might be different to yours.
Re-uploaded Workington. Also possible Maryport might have the two warehouses without a texture. However I wont correct any more unless as detailed. B

I don’t know if pitch and roll of ships would work in conjunction with preset or how to make it. Maybe remove the rise and fall of sea animation as could replace with pitch and roll of vesels .
Could you advise?
As regards how to continue : probably use the routes already made, create new dock for 1850 to 1950 (steam-age approx).
Maybe more steam-ships, if I can fathom out how to make them. Also all now preset tracks.

For any realism with sailing ships they need plenty of detail whereas the cargo vessels don’t need as much. The file size is critical and requires under 5 meg. to make them available for download on this forum. No problem with that though and again my thanks to the forums management. Barry


The coastal cargo steamships start fom the Solway Firth and then follow the docks down to Whitehaven which has 3 docks on one route
I man not sure of the paddle-steamships as have made a basic one.
So there are 4 routes to download on this page. The docks were built along the coast when they became too shallow for the vessels and the deep water channels silt up.

Two vessels leaving the dock and one in the far distance is heading to the dock. Silloth route and first in the chain of docks and ports along the Solway Firth. Borders of Scotland and England. Next will be Barrow-in-Furness which eventually became a vast shipyards. This will follow on from the Whitehaven route.

Each route from now on will be ‘complete’ in itself for the simple reason unlike games simulations can never be completed, as the coastline, ships, buildings, harbours, docks, ports, etc, are continually altering.


As there are a quantity of routes available for download now on my pages up to under 5 meg, time time for me to call a halt for the present time. I think this is the best option going by the nature of the forums and the type of work shown on them.

Past ages and bygone times are my only interest on these forums as interactive simulations. These apparently are very few and far between or none existant. Carcassone is the nice exception…

My routes cover both drivable/sailable vessels and some coastal cargo ships. The vessels in the cargo ship routes use preset routes.

Use entirely your own risk.
Not for commercial use.

My original idea was to follow along the UK coastline and the routes some very basic cover the Solway Firth around the coast to Lands End Cornwall.

If I start again from Liverpool maybe in few or several months I might upload a different version to include steam ships and larger docks than 1810 version.

It would be interesting to make vessels pitch and roll but have no idea how to do that using 2.79b only, The water sheet already rises and falls a meter to simulate wave swell and rotating propellor on the steamship or rotating paddle wheels on the basic paddle steamer i made.

Routes also need to be under 5 meg size including textures to enable them to be downloaded.


Coastal steamships, for any realiy require the docks and warehouses etc, and others to help make them.

Sailing ships require older small docks and harbours. Many docks had yet to be built so that is the way I will continue. No further steamships and no further faults will be fixed on steamship routes.

I think only preset routes are best for sailing ships and with no interest in the driving/sailing vessels, there is no further point in me making that type, as I don’t have any interest in that aspect myself. Same applies to scenarios, so no further scenarios. A few are included in the routes already made.

That narrows the routes down to preset routes made in 2.79b Blender, set on whatever vessel journeys I wish.

If others know how to vary the use of the timeline in 2.79b to give more flexibity it would be usedful and how to add pitch and roll to vessels as they move along the preset ship routes would also be be useful!


Annan restarts this series and then following along the coastline. (3.1 MB)

This version of Annan includes early drivable paddle-steamer. Also repairs to some of the vessels
key1 starts the preset movement of schooner and sailing flat along the river to the harbour.
key 2 start the approach of the distant schooner.
key 3 starts the launch down ramp of small vessel
wasd. Drivable early paddle-steamer.
Paddle-steamers were in use in the age of sail and still carried sails in addition to the paddle drive.
This version however has no sails. Maybe will add them some day. I might include one drivable vessel (sail) with each preset route then you can explore route.
Each route will be updated a bit more than the previous versions available for download to reflect the era of sail not steamships. Might have to remove some of the docks depending on date constructed.
As before routes will follow the coast. 2.79b. using srtm2/hgt. DEM. OpenStreetMap, greyscale and displace function for some of the terrain

The routes following the coast around to Liverpool and the Mersey have all been made previously and can be download in various versions.

I will see if I can make a ferry and different shape steamships.
Then consider which direction the ships move. Routes need to be a max. of 5 meg including texture so coastal ships, etc, will give more leeway than sailing ships with the complexities of rigging and pulleys. With cargo ships all will be on preset. Liverpool docks unuitable of 1800 or so as made for sail at one and half miles, length. 1835 they doubled to 3 miles and eventually grew to 7 miles in length.

The continual changes I am making is due to trying to adapt to various factors. It would need more than a solitary mariner to make realistic sailing ship routes and at nil interest from this type of forum it has to be routes that interest just myself and ‘perhaps’ a few others either from these forums or worldwide.
I think a few of the steamhips routes I made might still have a few texuture faults and wlll s see what to fix and make.
Paddle-Steamers also will fit into the steam ship era.


As I no longer know what textures are beng read, dependant on where I place the zip file and extract the routes, decided best to delete these 3. Same may apply to others who download and run the routes?

Not practical to continue with steamships as they also require deep water docks making, so not suitable for the single mariner.

Might continue with sail.

Liverpool Mersey and docks layout about 1810
Drivable in vesseks in the first dock
sloop wasd
Sailing-flat tfgh
Schooner ijkl
Roaming camera home/end/arrow keys

use at your own risk.
Not for Commercial use. (4.2 MB) version 1

Sea of masts. Liverpool docks and Mersey layout c1810

Liverpool docks will bethe new starting point and initially the docks will probably require several version and this is version1.

Also I might backtrack to the Ribble and Wyre rivers which are before the Mersey. and then Wales.B
I think I will keep to preset routes operated from keyboard.

As far as I can make out there is no interest by forum members as regards me including scenarios. A scenario is like a small interactive game within a simulation. Such as collect crewman or rescue from capsized barge. Numerous different types could be made. However as regards myself I don’t need them but should a few forum members be interested then I could consider inlcuding more.

As things stand easiest for me to make preset routes and maybe make just the sloop or sailing-flat drivable/sailable.
The maximum zipped file size has to be 5 meg or below to allow the routes to be downloaded.
To keep within this boundary I might perhaps add just one fresh item to each route. Version 2 of Liverpool docks 1810 is coming along nicely as have lower the water level in docks to mimus 2 meters instead of zero and remade the wood bridge across the dock channel shown in the old paintings. more bollards placed and next need to replace the capstans used to open dock gates or haul the sailing ships through dock entrances etc. Trees and jetties can waitt for a different version. Same with the two canals that start/end on the Mersey as all would need a differnt version. B

Liverpool dock c1810 version 2 (4.3 MB)
Some Mersey water

Liverpools first brick built dock c1715. Now under a shopping centre but excavated and can be visited below ground.

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Final updated version of Mersey 26/04/2020 (4.7 MB)
For cargo vessels they would need the 7 miles of Liverpool docks, Maybe could use cargo steamships to miss out Mersey? pretend 1850 to 1950 for them.

That updates all I am making for now of sail.
Unfortunately due to lack of feedback as regards missing textures I eventually found they required an extra folder.

So next I will look at the 3 coastal steamship routes and upload with an extra empty folder which should hopefully fix the ocaasional missing texture when loaded. At the same time I will see if I can update them at the same time. That seems to have fixed it, at least on my own computer.
As there isn’t a fiixed date in real life when screw drive or paddle drive steamships replaced sail I can just as easily use both.


2nd Updated version 26 04 2020
See if this version loads textures. (3.9 MB)

Maryport next to update.
updated 26 04 2020 (3.5 MB)

Update Silloth 26 04 2020 (3.4 MB)

At least I know 2.79b has enough functions to make fairly realisic maritime simulations and interactive scenarios. I started making routes about 2002 for Stentec sail simulator amd the early versions of Trainz so I have a good idea how 2.79b could be used as it’s quite versatile !

Too many errors so best for me to remove the above routes as would need to correct each route.