Dragon discussion

The title says it all.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about winged, fire breathing creatures.

Talk about whatever you want here, keep the religious dragon talk out of the alien thread please…

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Okay… I’ll do it for you…

This is what I was referring to:

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Only in self heating cans of stew. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. Seriously.

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Ha, nope.

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Well, there are on the market, self heating cans of stew. They come with a little poking thing that you insert into slots and it warms the can. Now I used to think that was just a chemical reaction or something. But the word on the street is that the are secretly breeding and using baby dragons. When you poke through the slots, it stirs them up and little baby dragon flames come out of them and heat your stew. After all, dragons live forever and so shelf life is not a problem with the heating, only the stew.

what’s next?

do you believe humans exist?

It depends on what else the alien thread branches off into

I just hope people eventually learn to make their own thread before going off into completely unrelated subjects…

and for the record, I dont think dragons exist either…

You guys are stupid to even entertain such a dumb idea. What is with you guys and dumb conspiracy theories? Next thing I know you are going to say that dinosaurs can breathe fire… oh wait, too late. Come on guys, don’t be so dumb. Use your brain.

You mean, use your brain according to your indoctrination.

Good one, Farthioner.

Leviathans probably still existed by Job’s time, whose book (chapter 41) discusses the creature’s features in present tense. The creature was probably aquatic though as the chapter speaks of ‘drawing it out with hooks’ (41:1) and its causing deep waters to boil (41:31).

The English word “dragon” is actually used to describe types of creatures: the tanniyn, Hebrew for sea or land monster (could mean dragon, sea-monster/serpent, or even whale, but in no instance a flying one). The second one is from Revelation, drakon (Greek for a fabulous serpentine creature, possibly with the power to fascinate), which quite inequivocally refers to the “old serpent which is the Devil” (Rev 20:2).

So I don’t see any scriptural account for flying fire-breathers.

Dragons once sued Chuck norris for royalties for his acting in “The way of the Dragon”
Dragons are extinct now. sorry.


It seems to me that dragons and dinosaurs are pretty much the same thing.
The only difference being what time frame they lived in (ancient eons past, or the middle ages.)

I’ve heard that some Middle Age texts tell of encounters with dragons, but have never seen such a text.

Either way, some of them could fly, but I don’t know of any dinosaurs that breathed fire.

Well, the pterodactyl flied, and it was a dinosaur, so would you call it a dragon? I think not!

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I don’t get it.

look at the picture

There’s no pic, only a small red cross…

ok, never mind

As I said before, although there is little proof that dinosaurs could fly, you have to go with the eye-witnesses. Why are there no stories about flying whales, or flying crocodiles? Simply because people saw them dinos fly! Maybe they just saw some high jumping raptors, some peoples imagination can get carried away when they have never seen them before.