Dragon: update: first texture test


this is dragon for new(more complex and detailed) scene
after several simple works :wink:

It will be battle knight against dragon…

C&C are welcome :wink:


WHOA! Fantastic!!!

great work!

I like the head. Good style! Keep the post coming.

that is sweet.

Very nice at capturing the classical style. Keep it up.

Wow this is looking great so far! Keep going :smiley:


WOW! nicely done!


kick ass but the neck has to many wrinkels in my opinion.
you do not have thos of the rest of the body.
hands arms head teeth amazing!


VERY impressive model!
I’m going to agree with Ceku about the wrinkles. Also, in some of the images there is a slight banding. Most noticeable in the close-up of the jaw. It looks like a lighting issue, but if it’s a mesh issue then there’s some problems… or maybe it’s just how the image file got saved (jpg lossiness and all…)?


Really good work!
I wanna see the final render!

My money is on the dragon.

Nice model, can’t wait to see it textured.

very cool work, but i would extend the neck and make it as smooth as you have the arms, stomach, and legs

cool dragon! you should give him some RVKs for facial expression.

Fantastic “classical” dragon look. I agree about the wrinkles on the neck, though; you should either make the neck smooth or make the rest of the body wrinkled. Maybe once you have it textured, though, it won’t be noticable. It’ll probably look good at that point. Great detail on the mesh, and a great concept; can’t wait until you finish it.

Nice modeling.I love the detial already. can’t wait tell your finished.

depends… if the dragon is that awesome, what will the KNIGHT look like?

Very nice!! Did you draw the reference yourself or is from the internet?

here is update.

thanx for your coments. Model was made by my own sketches inspired references and pictures from internet :wink: