Draw Xray

Retopo in bleder was pain because lack of proper xray mesh display. This addon fixes that.

Grab if from here. It is free but you can donate anything, just 1$ will be fine. 99,99% of people who download give 0$…

Update 1.01.

  • better mesh drawing when zooming in/out the vieport camera to mesh.




Cool! I wanted something like this.
Any problems with stability? (I’m asking just in case :slight_smile: )

Great Work! Thank you…

Really cool work, but I will put paypal option. Because is really boring go to search my credit card instead use the paypal account.

The addon is free as far as I can see, you don’t need any payment method.

Hi, for some reason i cant enable it. Get this issue

Ok, my bad. I renamed the py file, and so blender got confused. Rename it to draw_xray.py, or remove current version and download new one with correct name. It should work after that.

BTW. Relase 1.1:

  • improved drawing speed

  • added back-face culling for x-ray mesh - should fix thin geometry drawing problem

  • added customizable face color option

Thank you Jose!
Now it works perfectly!!

Good update, but I would like to see this problem fixed https://i.imgur.com/nrvNSAj.png if you can fix this then this is really the best retopo solution for blender hands down.

U can manually input into offset field bigger value, eg. 100 and see if that works?

Omg that worked, very happy now with the addon its perfect!

really cool, jose :slight_smile:

do you think you could make it work alongside the shrinkwrap modifier which i always use when doing retopo? (so that i dont have to touch every single vertex in order to snap to the retopo object)

also will you update it to 2.8 anytime soon? :slight_smile:

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new version is out: https://gumroad.com/l/draw_xray.


great news :slight_smile:

many thanks for the update, i will check it out soon!

aww … and it even works with the skrinkwrap modifier now :slight_smile:

sweet man :kissing_heart:

My only issue is that I would still like to see what faces/edges/vertex I have selected clearly when I have the addon enabled.

other than that its fine for my needs.

This feature is added in 2.1 update (selection highlight):

Note Snapping is not stable yet, so it was not added in 2.1 release.


I always wanted this addon but I am unable to get it for free as mentioned in the OP.

Visually the selection highlight 2.1 is fine, but it only activates when I hit G?
When you click away from the mesh to deselect the highlight remains active. This could be troublesome as I don’t actually know what my real active selections are until I press G.

thanks for speedy update!

edit: I do think the orange “spilling” past the selection is a bit much now that i’ve played with it more.