Dreams - Overcome your fear - Blender CGI Animated Short Film

Hi guys,

it took me almost a year to finish this project but i´m happy to finally show you my next little short film i was working on lately.

The film is about a living cardboard box which is tired of the seemingly perfect world he´s living in. He wants to get out of the city and experience his own adventures, giving up his security to do so.

Huge thanks to SouthernShotty and MartinKlekner who inspired and teached me with their awesome tutorials and courses for this film.

The film was entirely made in Blender and rendered with Cycles. The rendering time was about one month using two computers.


The ending is a little sad, but I can imagine he’ll make another go of it and risk it even though it’s dangerous – maybe next week.

Very charming! I’ll look forward to watching it lots more times just to catch all the nifty little bits and the cool environments you put in!


Thank you so much! Yes, the story should also remember that we often just stays in one’s imagination, but implements very little into action. But who knows, maybe part 2 will come sometime. :grin: But I’m sure he’ll still make it!


I genuinely love it!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beautiful story, cool characters and very sensitive. Question, is the Sky an HDR, or the physical Sky built into Blender?

And how did you render it across 2 PCs? Or did you use Render Farms? Unfortunately, Blender doesn’t have anything like Cinema 4D with Team Render.

The water shaders and the Cloud Volumes also look realistic.:blush:
The scene with the Northern Lights in particular is so beautiful that I try to think how you made that?:smile:

Respect to your work.:smiley:


Thank you very much, i really appreciate it! :heart: I mostly used the True Sky Addon from True VFX or otherwise HDRis. I built my own little render farm at home with 2 fairly powerful computers. Then I just split the scenes up and rendered some on one and some on the other. I wrote a small batch script to automate the rendering so that it jumps to the next scene when it’s done. Tried it with Flamenco from Blender but that caused some problems with plugins.

Things like the Northern Lights i learnt in a course from Martin Klekner which I can only recommend. However, it´s a little complex because it´s implemented using different rendering levels, which are later reassembled in compositing. But not too hard. Wish you a great day!


Yes we need to realize our dreams, I love it, great work and some beautiful images. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you very much! :heart: Yes that´s true… :pray:

I got hooked ! the journey going from one place to another was very pleasant. I’m not too fond of the character design but the environments are really cool.

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Thanks! It’s a type of design that some like more or less, but it’s totally ok. Glad you enjoyed the trip and the landscapes! :slight_smile:

Bravo! I aspire to one day create something like this. A short film on blender. Thanks for showing us all that it is possible! Any advice?

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Thank you! Hmm hard to says in general. What helps me the most is to make always something i like and not only to make things for the learning. (Except from some start tutorials.) Start with little projects like 10-20 second videos :slight_smile:

Congratulations! It is beautiful! I hope all your work will be rewarded as it should be. Best of luck!

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Thank you Thomas! I hope :pray:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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This made me tear up fr :pleading_face: i hope i can do this someday!

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Thank you so much! :heart::heart:

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He will make it someday :heart: And i´m sure you will! :blush:

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It’s beautiful , soo deep :face_holding_back_tears:

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Thank you! :heart::pray:

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Very nice!!! A whole month to render? WOW!

I have not learned to animate in Blender yet… I have been exporting to another program for the animation… or… creating the animation in another program and importing into Blender. But the rendering is so slow in most cases for me.

Can you please supply the links you mentioned with regard to learning what you have done? I really would like to learn to animate in Blender. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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