Dresser project/room

Hi all,

I would like to share my latest project with you. What initially was recreating mid century dresser turned out to be a little cosy room scene. It’s a little time passed since I started using Blender and what seems to be an achievement now will surely fade away by the end of my next project. I hope I am making some progress and happy to share my dresser with you. Feel free to use it.
CYCLES + Photoshop post processing.

I would also like to hear some suggestions, critique from you.

Edit version:

Mid century dresser shorter only.blend (2.8 MB)


very good work! good light. the ground is a bit too flat for me. maybe a little less roughness a little bump? so that a little is reflected in it? but that’s just a small thing. very nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I wanted that little reflection too. Maybe it’s my Blender knowledge limitation as I found the light reflection is very obvious if I choose different angle but on the straight view. Anyway I did some little adjustments. It feels a little ever volumetric now :slight_smile:

@neb good. Try to test with TheBounty 2.0.

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Will look into it. Having said that not able to reach they we address for some reason.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That’s awesome. Thanks!

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Really dont understand what did you mean😊

My aim was been your full scene not an example blend. Thats what i meant😉

To be honest I have no idea what I wrote :slight_smile: I tried to go to thebounty page but for some reason page cannot be reached.

Anyways what is good abut it or better than Cycles?

If you mean the official website so it is works fine. But if you meant an addon Blender 2.8x so that is in development and has not official released yet. I’m once a beta-tester for an addon now.

As we know every render engines are have itself pros and cons. It is both different render engine on their way. Thats why I cant compare both. Just can say TheBounty progress isnt stopped also developmenting on the way. It has different lighting integrators: biased and unbiased (Path tracing too like Cycles), Node-based PBR material system (traditional), DOF, support OpenVDB volumes, adaptive samples, faster and stablized particles exporter (in this case Cycles cant export 10+ mln tris than TheBounty with my 3Gb RAM), support different types of Lamps (IES supported too), volume rendering and much more. TheBounty renderer main developer Pedro Alcaide aka @povmaniaco has been planned to stabilization the engine more than now and adds some new feature like GPU computing in future. Anyways, :muscle::sunglasses: Great renderer.

Yes, official. I cannot access it. Maybe in the future I will take a proper look until then I have to learn my Blender Cycles ins and outs. Still fairly new to Blender and somewhat restricted by lack of experience to freely enough express my creativity. Thanks anyway.

@neb nevermind. Every us are need more expirences everytime for more and more progress on CG skills. Keep going on!:wink:
BTW: as you said the web page was been fixed and now it works fine.

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