Hats Off: @neb - Dresser project/room [RECREATION]

Hats Off is a serie of posts where I will try to recreate other artists scenes I have seen in this forum that have caught my attention. They could include small variations and a personal touch. I do this as exercises to improve my Blender skills.

Before posting I always contact the original artist asking for consent to do this.

All of them will include:

  • A clear title with the original author and the name of the original scene
  • The name of the artist
  • A link to his/her scene in this forum
  • The images of what I have been able to recreate
  • Some comments about the problems and thoughts I have found in my try

Author: neb
Scene: Dresser project/room

Here is my recreation:

Photoshop procesed

Natural look. Raw render

Some details I would like to comment:

I started modelling the main dresser and ended with a decent one, but proportions… Finally I didnt liked it So I used fspy to get a very exact camera view to the original one and I used the original image as a blueprint.

Everything is modeled. No props or models from libaries. The hardest for me has been the chair (both modeling and texturing). Right at the end I noticed that there was a .blend file attached in the author’s post with the main furniture modeled. Too late.

I have enjoyed very much with the wood shader. I learned about texturing duplicated objects with random UV placing for each one. Im happy with the lamp (shader + light).

I think, as I said before, that the chair is not as I would like, speaking about texturing. Thats my best for now.

Lighting has been I little complicated too. I have not been able to get the proper feel as the original image. Tried my best but dont know how has he / she been able to light the scen with the proposed lights at blendernation.com

In general, glass and liquids are almost always a little pain. Reflections, transparency… And because of this and because of a little jam with the lights Im happy but not too happy. Thats all.

Let me know what you think. And give me a ray of light in my mistakes. :slight_smile:

You can check all the Hats Off serie here:

https://blenderartists.org/search?expanded=true&q=%22Hats%20off%22%[email protected]%20in:title



Well done, I am really impressed by the sheer amount of work you put in to asset modelling. To be honest I am out of your league. I really like how you did the floor with a middle wood separation. Stool came out really nice, it was worth the effort right? Hats off to you! Maybe to much of chrome and shinny surfaces to my taste but if it clicks to you off you go :clinking_glasses: :cake: :+1: :coffee: :beer:

Oh! thank you so much.

I am moderately satisfied with the stool modeling, but tried hard with the texturing and Im not so happy. Cant figure out how to get your aged look.

Would like you to point what shiny surfaces you will change. Im interested about improving my images.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:


I believe it’s a matter of introducing different maps for tear and wear. As long as you know how to implement I am pretty sure you can find the right texture for it.

What I mean by shiny surfaces is for instance chrome dresser legs I find them distracting, dresser black frame wood is too glossy to my taste and two frames although they are chrome in original in your version they are quiet prominent.

I remember from a course I took about interior design it mentioned about mixing two different metal finishes so in a way it makes sense what you did . Lamp stool matte black finish against chrome finish frame and dresser legs. It’s just too competition for going here if you know what I mean.

What do you think?

Well, thats a concept I never thought about. But I dont completly understand you. Matte metal in contrast with chrome is a good or a bad design idea? Sorry but english is not my native language and sometimes I missunderstand.

And I will check the black wood of the dresser. Yes, perhaps too glossy. Speaking about the frames of the wall, I think they seem too prominent because of the lights I have had to use. They contribute with too many reflections I think…

For the stool… I got crazy looking for an aged texture for the back seat and found nothing that I like.

Thanks for your ideas! :slight_smile:

There any many so called rules in interior design. I am not an expert by any means. Two different metals contrasting is not a bad thing it’s just an amount per say could be to large and distracting. One other thing I remember is a main focus point in the room and it should be one, all others are sort of helpers and should not distract your eye. In your case I found too man glossy/shining surfaces competing with each other. Distracting. Hope it makes sense.

Indeed it’s the light that contribute the gloss in the frame so perhaps you can tweak actually glossiness of material by making it less reflecting. Find the right feel, play with outcome. I actually like your light. What do you use in terms of light set up?

As for the stool find a leather and than create or find tear and wear texture, smudges etc and mixed all them together. I myself next want to learn how to mix different materials in different ways so I can have more freedom.

Sound like an interesting journey to me.

My light setup is a little bit… sorry it has no fundaments :frowning: . Here it is:

And yes, I cheated. Dresser is incomplete. :expressionless:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much!!! :hearts:

I must share this honor with the original artist, of course: @neb

Could you actually share node tree for the lamp shade light coming through?

Let me sugest something:

Its the first time in the “Hats off” serie I do this. What do you think about sharing the complete scenes you and me?

Do you think it will be interesting for both of us? Will we learn seeing the other setups, shaders and so on?

Will this be legal?

Its just my thoughts. Just one idea.

I can share something that already exists this will give some insight in my workflow:https://www.blendernation.com/2020/11/25/behind-the-scenes-dresser-project-room/?fbclid=IwAR3JQMM4f3YL_a0RNFl4G838Mp7LoyhaJRco8s1qonuFc4-FTbZNviNy1t8

It’s my scene in blendernation :slight_smile:

Yes, I know. I followed it more or less, as I said in my first post.

Anyway if you dont feel confortable with the idea of sharing the scenes, no problem at all.

Will post the light later. :+1:t4:

I don’t really have to at the moment to put everything together. I just can’t slapped on and post it, you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Here is my light setup. Let me know what can you suggest.


Tanks. I think I didn’t make clear my self enough. I meant lamp shade scone and what light you used inside :slight_smile:

By the way I also used area light by the dresser pretty much in similar position not sure if I ever mentioned it.

Sorry, I forgot about the lamp light. Here it is:

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But how did you do table lamp sconce texturing ? :slight_smile:

Thats because I suggested sharing the complete scenes. Both we will learn about shading, lightning and so on, I think. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As I said don’t have time to do break down but if you need anything specific let me knew. Anyway thanks!