Driving Hills at Sunset

Had a bit of time to spare as I’ve just finished a commercial project and I wanted to create something I could post on my social media, as most of my work sits under NDAs and I cannot post those.
Here’s what I’ve worked on in the past two days. After day 1 was over I didn’t quite like where I was getting at, but in day 2 I’ve added some nice touches around the environment and I started to enjoy what I’ve done once again!

Hope you guys enjoy it!


very nice shots! super ambient lighting :ok_hand:

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Thank you, appreciate it!

Fantastic work!

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Thanks, mate!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you, Bart!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Appreciate it!

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Awesome job. You nailed it!

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Wait. Let me get this straight.

You created these scenes - from scratch - in 2 days ?!?!


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Thank you, mate!

Oh no, I don’t want you believing this for a second. I haven’t created this scene from scratch, and I doubt that would’ve been possible to do in just 2 days, no matter how good I am :smile:

I haven’t created the assets in this render. I’ve done the general shapes of the road and the cliffs, then brought that into Quixel Mixer where I’ve textured that stuff. Then, back in Blender I used about 3-4 cliff assets I got from Quixel Megascans and duplicated those around to fill the spaces reserved for the cliffs.
The foliage & trees are from Blender’s addon Botaniq. I used a bunch of particle systems to drive the foliage into the scene, while the trees were hand placed for compositional motives.
The blue Lambo is from Blenderkit, so again, I haven’t created that asset.

Whenever I’m able to use already made assets, I take it. I’m obviously able to model and texture all the stuff I’d need, since a lot of years in the beginning of my career has been spent creating 3D assets for video games from scratch, but I refuse to do that unless I need a very specific asset that I couldn’t get in another place otherwise. I’ve grown bored of modeling stuff - you spend so so much time to only make one asset… Yeah, I don’t have the patience for that anymore. One of the reasons I’ve transitioned into Environment Art is that other people deal with the small props while I get to create what I’m actually interested in - the whole scene and the general universe the work I’m doing is taking place in.
I’m not about to spend 2 months working on a scene only to have it look exactly like it would’ve looked like if I were to do it in 2 days with assets made by other people. :grin:


Well. That makes me feel better. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong :upside_down_face:

I’ve been messin’ with 3D since the late '90’s (with DirectX) and installed Blender in 2014.

As of now, I have been making 30 second “skits” every month for a little over 2 years.

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Congratulations with being in the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2021’!

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Of course, I also featured you on BlenderNation :slight_smile:

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It’s like a scene from Top Gear. It looks great.

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Thank you, Bart! A pleasure as always!

Haha, thanks! Never seen it that way before, but I loved that show when I was younger. Good times :slight_smile: