These are the winners of the Best of Blender Artists 2021

IT’S DONE! You have decided on the Best of Blender Artists 2021 and it is now my honor to present you the ‘winners’ of this year.

Huge congratulations to everyone who ended up in the top 5 of their category. Special congratulations to Sonja Christoph (@srchristoph) who made it into the top 5 of THREE different categories, an amazing achievement.

Everyone who made it to the top 5 will receive a ‘Best of Blender Artists 2021’ badge in their account.

Just a few notes about the selection process:

  • Some works were included in more than one category and ended up in the top 5 in more than one. If this happened, I only kept the highest scoring one and removed it from the other category top 5 to give other artists a chance too.
  • Some works received the same number of votes. To cut the tie, I used the number of likes on the original post to cut the tie.
  • In one case, an artist made it in to the top 5 of a category twice and I kept the highest ranking one - again to give other artists a chance too.

On a final note, I do realize the category list was not exhaustive and will make sure to improve that next year.


Category: Characters

Grand winner: Eve in the garden by Nazar_Noschenko

Congratulations @Nazar_Noschenko1, @Blitter, @theLuthier, @joergsla and @FredetJamy!

Category: Landscapes

Grand winner: The rabbit and the forest troll by Tell

Congratulations @Tell, @Shai_Nefer, @radumitroi, @srchristoph and @birdnamnam!

Category: Plants

Grand winner: Endless Blue Bloom - Nodevember Prompt 8 by Erindale Woodford

Congratulations @Gemn, @Maurof98, @Gemn, @ALLO and @orencloud!

Category: Interior architecture

Grand winner: Galerie Vivienne by Benjamin Roman

Congratulations @Arethyu, @Ali-Nasiri, @minstin, @Scoped and @Gturmanidze!

Category: Exterior architecture

Grand winner: The Greenhouse by Laura Ganis

Congratulations @Laura_Ganis, @Fadhel, @crazypainter, @oo_1942 and @GurjasStudios!

Category: Technology

Grand winner: Rogue philanthropist by Shivom Kapoor

Congratulations @3d_spartan, @claytonsjoerdsma, @orencloud, @Shakti_GG and @MarcelDeneuve!

Category: Animals

Grand winner: Steampunk Cat by Uliszs.3d

Congratulations @Uliszs_AP, @GabbieFue, @Masha_bzva, @MiroslavVesin and @papillon68!

Category: Vehicles

Grand winner: Duck Avenger driving in the night by Tell

Congratulations @Tell, @JakeArt3D, @Muradrama, @D1nar and @pix.d!

Category: NPR

Grand winner: Music Video - Modern Siren by Scott Chen

Congratulations @kkkkkk, @srchristoph, @tntcraft2015, @srchristoph and @omar_faruq!


Thank you @bartv for the huge honour. A 5th place amongst these top notch artist is a great achievement by all means. I’d like to thank each and everyone of the members that voted for me. I really appreciate it. It’s very touching and inspiring!

Happy new year to everyone. I wish happiness and health to all of you!
Nick Mez aka birdnamnam!


Thats amazing! Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


whoah! really didn’t see it coming! The last time a checked it I was tiny bit down since I ended in 6th :3 thanks for the chance. Thank you all for participating and voting as well! It was a nice end of year .I got to see those crazy good artworks in one single thread! really felt the power of blender community! :grin:


Thank you @bartv for this opportunity, and thank you everyone for voting. I am only 3 monghts in community, and already in top 5. Its a honor for me,Thank you again, and happy new year^^


thanks, Awesome Blender Community :smiley:,
It motivates me for a great start for the new year :smiley:


Yey, thank you everyone that voted for me! ^^ And congratulations to everyone else as well, awesome stuff! :smiley:


You deserve it. One of most… appealing works ( in all all category )… just personal taste.


The Persian blender community are proud of you dear friend :tada: :v:


Congrats everyone, winners, nominees, participants, and community :slight_smile:

Throughout the years, blender art progressively keeps getting better and better!
Blender’s come a loooong way! So glad to see it grow, prosper and eventually attract this kind of talent. And to top it, the future looks brighter and more promising than ever.

Congratulations Ton, ALL the developers, and community! You Rock!!!


Congratulations to everyone :clap::clap::tada:
Amazing work and looking forward to see this happening next year.

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Thanks you @bartv for the shoutout and thanks everyone for voting and producing such a great art blast. I’m so glad to be a part of this great community ! <3

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Well done everyone! A lot of beautiful work

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Congratulations to the best (of the best)
What a thing you guys have created.
Especially the Rabbit with the Troll.
Pretty overwhelming to see all the greatest in one spot.
Also excited to see the NPR music video.

And, of course, respect to all Blender Artists

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Congratulations to all competitors and of course the winners.

Congratulations to all… great work… Happy New Year everyone

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It’s such a great New Year’s gift. :heart_eyes:
I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the vote. :pray:

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congrats to all winners. you guys deserve it!

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Now I will begin to put tags on my works from the beginning of the year) I think the competition is not entirely objective, because a lot of cool works simply did not get into the vote due to the fact that there were no necessary tags. And enough such renders have accumulated over the year.