Summer Rain

new image from my Khloe and Kibble series. I’ve been in full anime mode the last couple of weeks so this series is very much anime inspired…in particular by the beautiful works of Makoto Shinkai.

made with Blender, rendered with Eevee.


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Great work, congrats
I love rain so much.

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@bartv should he be #featured sir??

I’ll put it up for a vote, thanks!

thank you for getting back to me

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Me too! Thank you so much!

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thank you so much for recommending my work :blush:

Thank you Bart :blush:

beautiful piece! Composition, light, colors, great work all around

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

did you overpaint it here and there or is this the pure render ?

it seems like you at least painted in a few reflection lines on the straight object , just like mclulin does it in his videos

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Absolutely beautiful, didn’t look like 3D at all which make me really surprised! I would be really happy if you would do a breakdown, especially on how to do this anime look.

This is great! Your lighting, rendering, and composition rock.

I added the bloom and did some touchups to the highlights in post.

thank you so much :slight_smile:

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yay! Thank you Bart!!

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Thank you so much! I may do a tutorial on this at some point but at the moment I’m afraid I’m a bit swamped with other stuff.


i meant these highlights … looks exactly like you drew in a straight line with line tool and then used eraser to break the reflection up again …

its a standard technique in digital painting and everybody uses it to enhance their background paintings and whatnot

no those are in the render - I used a fresnel node and added a musgrave texture to breakup the harsh line.