BoBA 2021 Voting: Exterior Architecture

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Congratulations to @GurjasStudios, @Laura_Ganis, @keeek, @Peter_Cerny, @oo_1942, @ARG3d, @Fadhel,, @Peter_Cerny, @winterman, @Christophe_Chambard, @Peter_Cerny, @ARG3d, @tomket7, @miaboas, @ARG3d, @MarcelDeneuve, @Khanh_Nguy_n, @Gorlim57, @winterman, @miaboas, @ARG3d, @Michael_Aldrius, @srchristoph, @winterman, @Franco_Caserta, @birdnamnam, @Karlb, @elfnor, @crazypainter for being nominated!


Wow, this one’s really hard
29: I’m a sucker for this kind of style
17: Just feels epic
I can’t choose another between 5 7 16 23