Music Video - Modern Siren

Hello, this is our latest work, a music video for a Taiwan metal band.

We spent about 4 months to do this project.
All models, textures, rigging and animation jobs were done in blender.

At first we wanted to use the new NPR render engine “Malt” to do the rendering jog.
We did some testing jobs at that time.

The new Malt engine is so fast and customizable for NPR rendering.
But at last we found that it lacked some features to do something at that time.
So we decided to use eevee to do color rendering and Malt for outline rendering.

In this video we needed to do some ocean/large scale water scene.
We use ocean modifier for ocean and the Mantaflow for splash effects to add details.
Like the shot below:

blender screen shot:

In the tsunami shot, we don’t need realistic water and this kind of simulation job takes lots time.
We try to use ocean modifier and lattice modifier to make it simpler.

Thanks for watching, and hope you enjoy it!


Wow I had totally missed this, but it’s amazing!

thanks a lot~