Newest "Photoreal" Renders

See below for slew of new renders. These are all rendered in Cycles and leverage my customized Daz model, morphs, and textures, as well as many great Blenderkit assets. Re-use rules! :slight_smile: Hope you like them!

Each render took ~10m at 2048 samples.


Oh god! You did it again. Can’t wait to see this featured.


I’d love to see your skin node setup and lighting, ever though about creating a tutorial?
This breath taking!!


Amazing! Your work is nearly flawless.

Crazy! So real! How do you do that ???

holy crap! thats photorealism

Hi, very photorealistic, it’s amazing. I read, some time ago, that you were planning to create a male character. Is It still a project ? Because I would be very interested and curious in seeing how you would use your skills with an other character, totally different and a male one. Congratulations for these ones :blush:

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I actually did do one… it’s coming along… I will post some ‘draft renders’ of him in this thread in the coming days/weeks. It definitely isn’t at the same level of realism as the female character yet…

This is maybe one of the most beautiful works I’ve seen. If you animate this (please do) I’ll be looking out for it…


I really thought it was real
I guess that’s the point, to fool me😂
Great work

Awesome again, unbelievable :exploding_head: :dizzy_face: :+1:

I look this on phone… and illusion is complete.
Well, I’m sure that is same on my monitor. I must show this to one my 2D ( only ) friend. He always nagging about 3D…

Now a new challenge, could be to put her in a daylight lighting condition. :slight_smile:

Amazing work!
The ‘snap shot’ style helps the subject a lot, bringing more realism into the picture (pun intended).
But everything is top notch! Modeling, shading, hair, lighting.
Looking forward to your other projects. :slight_smile:

Why you sharing pictures xD thats perfect unbeliveable job

Hmm… that’s a good challenge… not sure it’ll work but I’m gonna give it a shot!

These are not renders guys,

Stop featuring these photo montages…

These are photographs and no renders is my guess. The modelk doesnt fit the pictures. I think you made photos and afterwards made the model. It is creative though.

I hope you’re kidding…

I’ve debunked all of your assertions on the same comments you made on the other thread:

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You’re doing a crazy good job with your lighting man! Wow!