droid mobile F1. (update 11/5: towards readyness :) @page3 )

scroll down the thread and to next page to see the progress and update pictures, or visit my project page.

slow day at the office honey…?

most current picture:


I always enjoy your lighting and texturing work. Rich is the word that comes to mind. Really nice.

niiiiiiice, but… what is it?

Heh thats cool, very stylized sorta a render :slight_smile:


thanks all. let’s see if it’s slow here at work today too, I’ll make some updates :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks, it’s based on the ball shaped lamp we have here at the library.

it could be… driver for F1 ? oooor… the F1 itself?

or maybe it’s just a droid, coming home from work after having horrible day of bad addqueue calls…


hmmm… … powered by volvo amazon engine.



If this called a “Works in progress”, how will the finished work be?
I am new to blender not to the 3d stuff.
But whenever I see some of your work guys done with this application … emm. I feel I want to cry.
It will probably take me long time to master such skills you possess.
Good work, I have nothing to say more than … I really admire it.

Very nice job

Logik_Guy :wink:

whoa, great stuff! i really love that one :slight_smile:

great! say it needs wheel’s a nose a tail, some spoilers and ther u go, finished f1, how do you make that lighting?

well… of course you could stop at any time, and call it done, but it’s not that easy… there are always more details to add… and when you are making the model, if you are like me, and not following any preplanned sketches or ideas, then you just add something, look at it, remove it, add something else, render it, look at it… looks good, but now something else in the model looks “outdated” or wrong… so you tweak that… and so on, and so on :slight_smile:
that’s why I post to these forums too… I’m taking “second oppinions”, to see what people think of it…
I also ask my wife, but she mostly mumbles “it’s wonderfull, your best work yet!” and not even look at the monitor :slight_smile:

varg black:
wheels it does have… maybe it’s a bit dark background so yuo dont see them… spoilers… I’m not sure, have to it out and see… if it fits.
the lighting is pretty simple. I use basic three-spots-system. one in front, one in back and one in side… yellowish, greenish and whitish colors… then I have two extra spots coming under the model… just to add some highlights … they are not necessary but give a nice effect.
and then I have my own trick, one spot inside the droids head, set to track camera. and halo-turned on, and cone size quite small. that creates the glow-effect.



some updates:


for bigger renderings, click here. http://pasila.lib.hel.fi/~basse/tmp/f1/


hey, very nice lightnin’

but the design of your first ‘f1-machine’ was the best.
in my opinion, there’s no use for a fatten bulge, i like the wee wheels on the first picture…

( of course the other pictures/progress ist above average :smiley: )

cu keithian

now i see the wheels :o , their hard to see at first sight, it still looks great, but i suggest you improve those things in the outer side of the tires (i’m south american and sometimes forget some english words). should post these images for the f1 competition

ok, the actual vehicle starts to look quite alright to me, so I’m now working on the background settings… I’m not sure if that is expected on the F1 challenge, but I like doing them anyhow…

so, as the droid and vehicle are looking very shiny and clean and new… I wanted the place where it’s built to look a bit more grungy…

(btw, that’s my computer on the table, and me on the corner, after all day blendering)



Great work basse. Excellent environment going there. THis will be a tough entry to beat.

/me gets going on his entry.



/me too goes back to work


Good lighting & modelling. Great all-round really!

how long did that take you to make