E-Cycles - The fastest render engine for Blender. 3.2 release available now!

New builds of E-Cycles 2.92 are available!

  • based on latest master
  • 1 known bug: using persistent images leads to flickering in materials. You can simply disable the option in the mean time or use persistent data instead if only your camera is moving.

Made with E-Cycles this weeks:

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Happy rendering!


I would in a heartbeat but my Mac doesn’t Cuda and there is no plain vanilla E-cycles so there is no value in purchasing the RX.

Thanks - You have a link to any tut or documentation to do this before I purchase Barista beyond the Barista videos?

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The CUDA version of E-Cycles is the one all CPU and AMD users take and it works well on Mac CPU. The speed-up offered by the AI-Denoiser is actually now higher than the base speed-up for CUDA or OptiX as you can divide your sample count by over 10 for still images in many cases. Of course it’s better with NVidia cards as those speed-ups stack, but the AI-Denoiser is still the biggest render-time saver. The viewport light groups are also a huge human-time saver.

Not yet, but the process is the same as Barista + Blender. Best is to ask the Barista developer to make some videos if not already done?

I have not had a single crash since using 2.91.0. Thoroughly been enjoying rock solid stability with the stuff I have been doing in 2.91.0. Have any of you started doing production work in E-C 2.92? I’d kinda like to start the next client project with 2.92 if possible, but don’t want to do any work that may not be backwards compatible if I would need to go back…

I only had crashes with sculpting on both 2.91 and 2.92 so I’m staying with LTS for the time being. Other than that they used to work very stable.

Thanks, but I am not familiar with LTS. Does that mean you are using 2.92 in production for commercial work?

LTS is 2.83.
I didn’t use 2.91 nor 2.92 for commercial work just due to sculpting issues I met.

I can’t recommend 2.92a yet. I got it because of optix shader bevel, but had often viewports stop rendering and some Cuda error message. So I’m back with LTS.

I would give more info, but haven’t got time to try to find out exact reason. That’s why I haven’t also mentioned here anything yet. So I don’t know if issue is in standard Blender version also or only E-Cycles version. Anyway, the problem seems to be only solved by closing and re-opening Blender. With LTS and Cuda I basically never get crashes.

If anyone interested to know, my GPU is RTX2080 and I used Optix only without CPU.

Thanks guys! I think I’ll hold off. This is a large weeks-long project, so I better play it safe. 2.91 is pretty effing wonderful. I was assuming there is some pretty kickass stuff in 2.92, though I haven’t had a chance to investigate. Keep on rockin’ Mathieu! You da man!

Not sure if this is remotely possible but is there any chance to speed-up renders of low-light scenes and glass?

like this
Hard Surface animated piece - Artwork / Works in Progress - Blender Artists Community

Hi @phoe-nix-art,
if you can provide a file, I’m happy to have a look at possible optimizations :slight_smile:

New builds of E-Cycles 2.91 and 2.92 are available.

E-Cycles 2.92 improvements:

  • reduced noise in some scenes

E-Cycles 2.91 and 2.92 fixed bugs:

  • flickering in some scenes
  • holdout collections rendered in some scenarios.

Happy rendering!

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Awesome work by @scoped rendered with E-Cycles:


Hey Mathieu thank you for uploading those. I have a question about speeding up the rendering with the registry. I went to implement the TDRDelay in windows 10, and I noticed there was already one there, that had this input. Given, that playing with the registry is not something to be taken lightly I am opting to ask for direction before proceeding. What do I do with the already existing TdrDelay???

This is what I see:

As I read through the PDF you uploaded you also mentioned there are other values that we could insert if we wanted to, is there any literature explaining what those other values are for?

Also, in the config video Mathieu you show to change to 400 tdrDelay, but in the pdf you say 200? Which do you recommend?

Hi Mathieu,

are you planning to add 2.91.2 to the 2021 e-cycles folder on gumroad or are they still going to the 2020 folder?



Hi Vesper,
If the value already exist, you can simply use it and change it to 400 (you can toogle to decimal instead of hexadecimal to make it easier to enter the right value). But 60 should already be good enough if you have a recent mid to high-end GPU (RTX 2070 or more).

Hi @ByteC,

2.91.2 is already in the 2020 edition of E-Cycles. E-Cycles 2021 starts with E-Cycles 2.92.

Kind regards,

New builds of E-Cycles 2.91.2, 2.92 beta and 2.93 alpha are available!

  • All got slight improvements in render speed.
  • E-Cycles 2.92 and 2.93 were optimized for typical archviz scenes and now converge faster (so you need less samples) in some scenarios.

Happy rendering!