E-Cycles - The fastest render engine for Blender. 3.2 release available now!

New builds of E-Cycles LTS 2.83.12 are available!
The new builds include all the upstream fixes, plus following fixes:

  • persistent images could create flickering when used with specific material setups
  • holdout collections were rendered in some edge cases with hidden volumes

Luan3D does some great archviz renders with E-Cycles and Affinity Photo:

Happy rendering!


@bliblubli, it seems to be a job for you, doesn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was going to upgrade E-Cycles latest version. Why this huge increase on price?

Hi. I am using ecycles and it seems to not be able to work properly with smoke simulation. The viewport seems to be frenetically refreshing.

Hi Victor, isn’t there an upgrade coupon available for existing customers? Cuda was about 79 Eur, Rtx/Cuda about Eur 149, like last year? (gumroad)


As far as I know nope!

EDIT: The two type of coupons are still there - not at the bottom but before the gumroad E-Cycles 2020 serial number is shown - below the last alpha entry: these are named as

Coupons 25 percent off E-Cycles RTX 2021

Coupons 25 percent off E-Cycles 2021


If they’re no longer there, I would contact Mathieu in this case…
In my case I didn’t receive that coupon by mail, so I asked him what to do.

Hi Peter,
thank you for the feedback. Gumroad E-Mail delivery system is again very random it seems. 
I see the coupons being used, so I'm sure at least some of you got it. 
I discussed with other developers of widely used add-ons and they have sadly the same experience. 
I'll speak with Gumroad too and I will try to add announcements in the E-Cycles splash screen to 
reach more people.

Seems there was again a glitch with the gumroad mail system (I had this problem even with other addons in the past)

Mathieu helped me out super fast as usual, 5/5 Stars!

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Are there some general tips for light and rendersettings for interior archviz?
It seems a single hdri and even 2000samples will give noise…
What will be your settings without denoising?

Hi Victor,
on Gumroad, the coupons are in your downloads. On the Blender Market, I send 3 emails from December to January. Maybe you need to allow emails from creators in your privacy center on the Blender Market?
Anyway, the price remains the same in 2021. The Blender Market has everything in one page unlike Gumroad, so I keep the variants down to a minimum. Currently 2021 is beta, so it’s sold with 2020 together, maybe that’s what got you thinking it went up?
Most users of 2020 upgraded for 74 (E-Cycles 2021 standard) or 149 (E-Cycles RTX 2021). Now you can still get them for 99 and 199 respectively. If you didn’t receive the mails, I recommend to contact Gumroad/BM to ensure you get emails from creators.

It depends on the scene. You can render good stills with 9 samples using E-Cycles AI-Denoiser even with complex scenes:

For animations, you will need more samples to ensure temporal stability. This scene is rendered at 100 sample and this is the making of:

You can also contact me per mail on Gumroad (by answering the confirmation mail about E-Cycles) or the Blender Market to get help if you have issues with a specific scene. I also recommend watching the tutorials available in your downloads or notion (site kindly made by an E-Cycles user).


Hi Bruno,
thank you for the report. I just rendered smoke simulation in the viewport using latest 2.91.2, 2.92 and 2.93 builds. Could you please provide a scene showing the issue? You can contact me per mail on Gumroad (by answering the confirmation mail about E-Cycles) or the Blender Market (“ask a question” button on the product page).


Hi Mathieu,
Thanks for your response!
I purchased on Blender Market and it seems that I didn’t receive the emails. I’ll check the privacy center.
In any case, I don’t quite understand the prices I’m seeing here:

I wanted to download the latest build but also I’m a bit lost on the download page with that amount of versions. I fon’t see 2.93 to download for example.
Thanks for your support!

I keep experiencing crash issues when randomly selecting objects or shift right clicking to move the 3d Cursor. It seems to happen most often on scenes with a couple of hundred objects, but it can occur anytime as well. Not sure if it is related to E-Cycles or Regular Blender or Nvidia. To rule out Nvidia as much as possible I’ve tried every driver since version 456 using DDU to uninstall and reinstall the driver. The attached image is my system and typical crash log from blender.

Current GPU is one Gigabyte RTX 3090 Eagle

Issue was also posted on Blender Developer page - https://developer.blender.org/T83727

I’m using the latest e-cycles 2.91.2 version.

Hi, check with the same version of Blender: https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.91/

If it crash there too, report it to the Blender bug tracker.
If not, send a mail to Mathieu, from your Marketplace or in reply to a mail from Gumroad. Mathieu read the forum but support is faster if you contact him directly and it is better for him to follow.

Cheers, mib

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hy mathieu!

thanx for that now it seems that i missed “the essentials” :wink: the link to notion was super helpful!

Greets Phil

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Hi Victor,
E-Cycles 2021 will be released officially in some weeks now. It is now considered to be stable enough to start to use it without 2020, so you can get E-Cycles 2021 alone on the Blender Market now if you want too. The coupons are also listed on the product page :slight_smile:
Note for new users: For certified stability, I still recommend the 2.83.12 or 2.91.2 version available in the 2020 version available on Gumroad.

E-Cycles 2021 - February update - New features and improvements:

  1. highly optimized viewport rendering for complex scenes.
  1. reworked quick settings panel: all viewport options are now directly accessible in the viewport itself, making them faster to access and leaving room for extra options in the quick settings – for example, to easily scale the resolution of your image,
  2. improved quality for OptiX denoising,
  3. better defaults out of the box: new scenes will now default to Cycles with GPU rendering. The standard version of E-Cycles will use CUDA by default, while E-Cycles RTX will use OptiX by default. Please ensure you haven’t set the device type yourself if you want to use these new defaults and save time. If you’re using CPU or OpenCL, you can simply switch to this and save your preferences!
  4. for artists prefering to work with final renders / the compositor version of light groups, it will now update when tweaking the light groups values, even if no compositor window is opened. You can now easily see the effect of your changes. The best way is still to use viewport light groups though, as it’s real time,
  5. Physical Glare is now available as a new mode of the glare node. It is based on the physical properties of the human eye, and gives very high quality results!
  6. higher noise/signal ratio in many standard archviz scenarios for even faster rendering using less samples,
  7. some very useful add-ons are now activated by default like sun-position to allow for easy use of the new sky texture based on time and location for example,
  8. a huge load of polishing, bug fixing and typo clean-ups to make the user experience even better!

You can now get E-Cycles 2021 standalone on the Blender Market too!

Ever had difficulties with complex scenes in Blender, or a hard time getting rid of noise/washed out details or to setup your lightning? The iMeshh team shows you how E-Cycles RTX 2021 can help you in those daily tasks, including several tips working in standard Blender too in the following video:


@johannes.wilde also made a beautiful comparison of the viewport before and after the new 2021 optimizations in his own work:


Does it already include OIDN 1.3?