EarthBound 64/MOTHER 3: The fall of Pig King (Blender 3D High Definition Restoration)

Hello everyone. I’m new here so I’ll just make this as my very first post.
A while ago I started a small ‘at the side’-project of one of my all time favourite games; The Fall of Pig King. It’s a remake and everything done in it is made with Blender and Adobe Illustrator.
The project began currently as game showcase, just to see how far I was able to push the limits of using maps (Blender’s internal scripting language-thing).
Now, it’s obvious I won’t be able to do everything with only logic-bricks but I will do everything I can, and learn new ways to do certain things as I go along.
Everytime I make significant updates to this W.I.P I record my screen while I play it in Blender, to show those who follow me what I have done and far I’ve gotten. So basically everyone can follow this project step by step on my youtube-account, which I find kinda neat.
I need programmers,sound composers,3d artists and actors for that.Anyways I can’t handle game engine in Python because it’s my weak point.

that’s tatsumairi(tasmily)vilage mother 3 n64dd look
i also have some character models
please take a look

instead of taking pictures with a camera, you should use screenshots. If, for some reason, your computer doesn’t have a built-in function for that, just google a software that can do it for you - they are very easy to find.

You mean snipping tool? in imgur i can set up size of image so it’s not gave me month to introduce game engine(gameplay,conversations,cutscenes and maps…etc.)After playing MOTHER 3 and Final Fantasy I i noticed it’s the same physics and engine.
These translation are cooperation with Lucas and Flint at EarthBound 64 gaming indusrty in Snowman Chapter(I think i’m talking like drunk game developer)
i made one soundtrack for that game in N64DD quality(conception of it is failure i think).

photo image cut crop

I’m afraid I have no sound composing,programming and animations skills.Anyways remake won’t be canceled at all.I need our help and support involved within power of teamwork.

You don’t mind duplicate posts?

Enhanced Q-Gears is game engine for EarthBound 2 in 3D.

I wouldn’t mind helping with the modelling I mean I could use some practise and I love the earthbound series. Just send me a pm of what you want me to help with. (Though I don’t suggest letting me do organics.

And it comes to the people you need: (of course, some people may do multiple jobs):

  • A programmer
  • Art designer(me and someone else)
  • Musician
  • Story writer(me and someone else)
  • A map designer for EarthBound 64 stages
    -Animation designer
    -Cutscene Designer
    and voice actors involved.

game will includes:
GBA Mode(normal mode no unused stuff),
N64DD Mode(Lucas is Masked Man with unused stuff),Hover cars involved.Lucas is looking like Ness,Claus is looking like Ninten.Vilages are looking more-like Zelda/Quest 64 style.Two guys with cowboy hats are Bucket Twins.Pusher is mafia guy.Sebastian from MOTHER 3 is looking like Al-Quieda former leader Osama Bin Laden.Buff has sailor hat and he is short haired.Trying to find Hinawa.
N64 Mode(normal mode with unused stuff).Ness is traveling in time(only when completing.Magicant is first chapter of EarthBound 64(one of location from MOTHER 2).Ness is trying to clear his mind of his nightmare realms to be prepared with Giygas duel).After beating his fear Devil Statue.Visuals this time of Ness’s infant stage cutscene is so upgraded to aknowledge player that Ness has Ninten’s cup and MOTHER 1 protagonist mentioned name Ana-anyways player can name that two npcs’ like MOTHER 3 GBA-Kumatora,Duster as example).Cave of the Past is second chapter.Pokey’s letter is third chapter-it’s when game really begins.It starts like in MOTHER 2 after police officers abandoned investigation of meteorite.This time Picky came to Ness’s house to give mail directed to Ness.In this particular note Pokey Minch described words like “…come and get me looser…”.Ness starts investigating Metropolis Island(that’s whole timeline MOTHER 2 universe).So Paula leaves Ness and her homeland and decide to teach PSI from master Ana according to marcotto MOTHER 2+ comics books.In 2001 cameo Ness brung back the map and visit EarthBound 2 development room(Ness adventure after beating Giygas continues in SNES mode in 3D with enhanced graphics)Chapter Aftermath is really the first chapter it’s about Buzz Buzz prophecy(Giygas and Pokey devastion).Next chapter is people from Metropolis Island have to deal without technology in isolated medieval district called Nowhere Islands.Hinawa and Flint get married and have both children named Claus and Lucas.As for Princess Kumatora.Iionia have romance with Porky Minch known as King of Osohe.And yeah unused cutscenes within Claus and Lucas spending more their spare time together.I think it’s too fast making animations and scripting the game engine because EarthBound 64 had some random stuff which should be named correctly first.So I should wait for a while with the game progress.

The easiest way to speed up game progress(not like MOTHER 3 early 3d prototypes N64/N64DD from 1992 to 2000) of pointless attention is add time traveling,longer storyline to GBA Mode.There’s one question if I remake MOTHER 3 GBA final product will this be released outside Japan?Well I think it’s agreement with Nintendo.

EarthBound 64 conversation system and text in MOTHER 3 GBA 3D enhanced graphics.

Concept art,animation conversations,story designer,map designer.Even voice actor i can be.Here’s my new concept art.

I watched Blender and Unity RPG programming tutorials it was profit only for MOTHER 1 and EarthBound not for MOTHER 3(1999).

Instead of April Fools Day EarthBound 64 Fan Remake isn’t a joke.

Due to inappropriate EarthBound 64 Fan Remake Female Contents from MakeHuman.I have six days to rework on her(at least 2 characters).

Is it too big size?

Somebody knows how Python scripts is working?

Is anything supposed tho happen interactively?

On Arch Linux 64bit no problems:

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