Edge displacement

How can I create this effect in Blender?

Probably with the Fracture modifier:

I’m using Cell Fracture addon for 2.8+ to break things. My understanding is, all fracturers will create somewhat simple geometry and if you do more detailed slice-up, it’s going to become very heavy and still won’t be as refined, as the kind of details micro displacement can give. This seems to be true for any 3D program. I’m looking for a material solution, where I can displace just “on the edges” and leave the original surface intact.

Like this?


Uuuuh, yes! That is so neat! What’s the secret? :smiley:

I’m on 3.0 too now, but haven’t done much with Geo Nodes yet.

Actually pretty easy but what made it hard is if you want to apply rigidbody,you have to use script,this actually beacuse blender rigidbody system

Ah well, scripting isn’t really my strong side :rofl:

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Yup i also , i also get some help from here