Edit mode workflow

Hello, someone know how to modify\ edit - faces, edges etc. along specific parameters?
I mean by that for example extruding face along line which is not perpendicular to that face but make extrusion parallel to that line (without calculation and typing coordinates of course).

Or how to spin object along face (or specific part of that object) and not along axes

In short how edit object by some kind of reference ( specific selected part ) established as some sort of origin or point of interest of that object. Sorry if that sounds messy.
Best regards!

I do not think there is a simple solution for all situations.
For the first case I am not sure if you can do this from an edge, you can do it with a reference plane.

Make a reference plane at the angle you desire.

Select both the face you want to extrude and the reference plane, make sure the reference plane is the active element (lighter colour).

Set transform pivot point to the “active element”

Extrude. (This will also extrude the reference plane.)

Delete the reference plane (now a box)

For the second spin example I recommend Forgotten Tools Forgotten tools by Stan_Pancakes , among some other interesting options there is “hinge” which I think does what you want.

Also for some tools and situations using the 3d cursor as transform pivot can help.