Eevee completely dark room is still dimly lit

Hi guys, just starting out with Eevee and I have no lights inside this room besides the one emissive object, and yet I still see the room is dimly lit grey. (BTW the room/wall material is white)

In Cycles, the room looks how I expect - just the purple light blasting everywhere in the room. But I want to use Eevee! (Also - unrelated, but backface culling doesn’t seem to be working in Cycles, even though the option is checked in the Viewport shader menu)

Have you tried turning the world color completely black?

Woah! That did it, thanks :slight_smile:

Am I correct in assuming you don’t have an irradiance volume in the scene? If you don’t have one and haven’t baked the lighting then the world color will shine through all objects. Adding it and baking the lighting should also make the purple light illuminate the whole space.

Ahh, yes you assume correct! You know, I had a feeling I needed to do something like that.

Ok I looked into it, and added an Irradiance Volume that bounded the room, clicked “Bake Indirect Lighting” and got something that filled the room more like Cycles did. It was too intense so I lowered the brightness of the emissive material till I got what I wanted.

I noticed the walls parallel to the light are darker than the walls perpendicular to the light (see below). To me this looks like something a video game engine would do (which I understand Eevee is one, of sorts) and I think in real life, the walls would be lit more evenly, with the walls closest to the light brighter than the ones further away. Is there anything I can tweak to get the light to fill the walls up more like Cycles would? (I understand Eevee won’t be as perfect as Cycles in this situation)

Unfortunately, this is where my EEVEE know-how starts to run out. I haven’t had to use it on an interior project yet so I’m not that great at setting up lights correctly. I’d recommend going through the threads listed in this page for more info:

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Thanks man! That looks like a comprehensive set of articles.

…I might be cheeky and post a new question about “global illumination in Cycles vs Eevee” with my screenshots as a starting point…