Eevee: Need help identifying what is causing this artifact

I am rendering a scene with eevee. Fair heads up I AM in 3.0 alpha but I don’t see anyone else having this issue so I am hoping maybe this is something obvious that I just screwed up a little. I am sorry I cant show a whole lot due to the position I am in but hopefully this cropped screen shot will be enough. This problem seems to appear a lot on textile patterns with repeating patterns and only from a distance and at certain angles where the pattern seems to repeat strictly in a way that reflects light strictly horizontally or vertically. This never appears at skew angles to direction of anisotropy created with the normal maps. I need to loose this artifact in the final render and I am hoping some of you may be able to identify what is causing it.

What I have tried is, setting filtering to x16, setting the max image size to 4k, setting samples higher (this render is 2048 samples), increasing and decreasing bump map, re-baking the light probe. Enabling and disabling all post processing. The problem exists even on bare bones settings with only minimal clay materials with normal mapping. If it has texture then it has this dark streak.

Screenshot 2021-10-28 200102

Ignore the red areas. That has to do with identifiable features I cant show. But, that black line straight down the middle is the line I am talking about. It is very strange.

In the end I suspect it has something to do with the indirect lighting but I have tinkered with every input or slider and nothing seems to quite do the job to fix it.

it appears zoom plays a factor too. If I zoom in enough it isn’t an issue anymore. I really wish I could show more but confidentiality agreement is making that really hard. By zoom in, I mean get the camera close enough or render at a high enough resolution. Anything below 4k still shows a faint line but after that I am in the clear

You said it’s a tiling texture, is it on a the edge of the uv map by any chance?

Its not. I thought about that too. I moved the texture around and it stays in the same place. It is also not intersecting with any irradiance points so it is a bit weird. If I tweak the number of points in the volume sometimes the line gets a second black line right above this one but for all intents and purposes the one you see there stays the same

This almost feels like an anisotropic filtering artifact in some ways, just being that zooming in fixes it. It is like eevee doesn’t know how to represent the repeating pattern where the light hits it if the pixels get bunched up enough but then if you zoom in it doesnt have to anymore. It is really strange.

There was a similar post a couple of weeks ago:

Does playing with the camera clipping settings help?

They don’t appear to but that was a good find. Yeah that didn’t do it unfortunately. If I move the camera up a little it fixes it but then the client isn’t happy with the shot.

I am trying to see if I can reproduce the problem in a setting I can share with you all because I know I am not giving you a whole lot whole lot to use to be able to help me. Just a tough situation

Solved it. Ok, so, it DID have to do with the material bounds but not of the tiled pattern which is a bit strange. I had a mask set to “extend” so I wouldnt get as noticable edge bleed but some how it was treating the masks extension as being physically part of the mask even though the edge was black. IDK why. As I zoom in it would be all black but as I zoom out it was ““extending”” from the newly antialiased texture which was effectively smaller causing it to now extend white. Very weird but as a note to anyone, at least for right now, with how it is handling textures in screen space, use clip instead of extend in masks because otherwise when you zoom out things get crazy.

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