EEVEE Production Suite - Updates

After 4 a 5 years playing with Blender I found there was one Major problem. Blender is capable of many things from VSE, sculpting, modeling, animation, rendering, scripting, camera tracking, wel you know the huge list. On the other side, even to make a simpel scene (cube, material, backdrop, light, compositing, rendersettings) takes waay to much time. This because there is not even a material provided, barely any presets, and settings are all over the place. You recognise this, right?

So all off my effort in the past two years, is all about making it easier to get to production. Sometimes I need to make a short clip very quickly within half an hour. Before that was not possible, but now I can manage that if need, and I am ready to produce. I am proud of the two products I worked on the past two years, and I bundled them. It’s the EV Express addon and the Material Nodes addon. As soon as I see more opportunities to speed up the workflow, I will include that in the package. I will also promote other addons that work well with the EEVEE Production Suite. KITOPS is a very good candidate and BakeWrangler for example.

Thanks for everyone who supported me and made this all possible.
The suite is available at;


Robert (aka Peetie, New Media Supply).


Testing the EEVEE production suite with a quality model. I was just 9 seconds per frame and could be even less. It’s still 25% Off until Friday and I think it’s a good investment - Time is Money.
Check above link.

Update of EEVEE Production Suite:

Added more nodes for the compositor:

  • Pivoted Contrast
  • Hold-out mixer
  • Improved saturation (HSV)
  • ASC CDL presets
  • And some other standard nodes like Bloom, Vignette, etc.

You can see it in the video Compositing and scene referred data. (easy to find tomorrow :smiley:)

Surprise Surprise!
Look at this update that will arrive this weekend:

In the screenshot, you see presets for procedural materials. You see that nice abstract material? It consist of three nodegroups (building blocks of the material nodes addon. So instead of building your material from scratch, you choose a preset and adjust it.

And the lighting is done by EV Express that has also such kind of preset: watch, click and done.
So for 35 dollars there is a library of 165 procedural materials, 41 building blocks, 40 light setups. compositing nodes,

I don’t know anymore how I can make it more interesting.
Honestly its quite ridiculous, but ok. I just keep on breathing.


I am excited to share this news. In the downloads, you find a complementary add-on that shows you thumbnails in the N-Panel like this:

If you select an object and then one of the Thumbnails, it will append the material. And in the shader editor, you can easily adjust the material to your needs.

It’s the and installs like any other add-on.

Enjoy the update!



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Well, what is going on here? Why is it that I am talking to myself?
Is this a closed Blender Community or something?

How comes I have this product for two years with 165 procedural material library, 32 lighting setup presets for EEVEE, 32 presets, 4 addons, OCIO configuration, compositing nodes and all for 35 dollars. In 2 years the Material nodes addon made 200 sales. Now there is some-one else with a similar product (same stacking idea) that makes 500 sales in just a few days. For me this is a really weird experience.

I got the impression that I got banned or something, no?
I guess it’s time for me stop paying the webhosting provider for the three websites: addons, tutorials, and personal. Next month I have to see how I can survive; Ironically I made for the Blender community a course about how to make a living with Blender. I’ve spend 10 hours a day for two months. During that time there was no income and sales went down.

Does anyone know where I can find a job, so I work for a boss again. I don’t like it, but I have no choice at the moment.

Maybe I need to adjust my mindset, but if so, it’s a blind spot because I cannot see it.

marketing is tough and an art. I picked up my copy to show my support. Keep at it!


wow, you helped me so many times already. You even bought the EV Express twice some years ago.

Well, it’s not the money but the gesture relieves tremendously. Thanks!


Because I had a new customer :grinning: I updated the EEVEE Production Suite with something awesome. I included the following presets:

And I added a new light: A Stripe-light and working with it is very easy. Here are the controls:


To adjust the strength, use the color, which is much faster than sliding the watt value.
To position the light, press Select Controller. (that is the parent of the 3 stripes).

Uploaded on Blender Market, and Gumroad will follow in a few minutes.

Crucial performance update

You’ve seen quite some news from me, but this is a cucial performance update.
We’re now at EV Express 10.3.4.

I did the following fixes:

  • Cleaned up orphan data. File size is now 164mb instead of 456mb.
  • Placed the latest light presets on top
  • The High-Key preset was missing and is included now.
  • Fixed an issue with the StripeLight collection when loading another preset.

Thanks, all runs smoothly now.


Just purchased this. Can you summarize what the 9 downloads are? Specifically, what is this file for: config.ocio

Thanks, Doug J.

Hi Dough,

Apology for the late reply, here is the explanation of the downloads:

There are 4 addons to install, doesn’t matter what order:

  • (EV Express addon)
  • (Ready to use presets of procedural Materials)
  • (Compositing nodes, uploaded a minute ago)
  • (Material Nodes Addon). is a library. Dont install it as an addon in Blender. Unzip it, and if you have an asset manager, you can use that in an asset manager like asset management. Or you can open the .blend files or append materials. So it’s a library of procedural materials. Is video that explains more about the node-editor, and how to work with nodes.

If you have that, than you have everything you need. The file below are getting a bit old, and I will remove them sooner or later.

Config ocio is no need anymore because we have now the pitoved contrast node in the node editor. With that, you can have stepless contrast and with the ASC/CDL node, you achieve the same. But if you want to have more presets in color management you can replace config.ocio. I don’t use it myself anymore. Unzip this file, and you will see a .blend file. If you open it, you see examples of nodegroups in one scene. But if you use the you don’t really need it. I think I will remove this file next week because it is getting outdated. I will remove this file because its quite old. I made it in the time there were no thumbnails yet in EV Express. Don’t bother about this file, because you will have much better setups straight in EV Express via the thumbnails. Is an extra, but I recommend to save this for the last, Start with the 4 addons. They provide all the interesting things.

Latest documentation

I just made a long live-stream video about the EEVEE Production Suite. It’s start with installation and then the usage of it. The video is nearly 1.5 hours, but I start with the files, the four addons.

A few hours ago I made this article as well which explains all the ideas of EV Express.

I’m missing the file: (EV Express addon) from my downloads.

Thanks for reporting it. I fixed it. My apology.

New video: Quick overview of all the features:

Quite an udate this time:

  • Added 6 masks
  • Thumbnails are back in the N-Panel.
  • Tools to preview and bake maps
  • A nodegroup to mix masks.

To get an idea how that works:

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For the next promo, I can use some help and I am looking for:

  • If you have a nice model (I need two or three), then I would like to use it. You will get the credits of course.
  • Are you promoting Blender Addons and are you interested in the EEVEE Production Suite? Let me know.
  • And I am looking for two or three people who want to try the suite and want to give a testimonial.

Wow, I did it!
I announce this the official full launch of the EEVEE Production Suite.
Check this awesome video:

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Coming Soon: Procedural textures for landscapes.
Because we can bake now height, AO, slope and more right in the addon, we can make landscape textures like this:

In the download you will then find landscapes with procedural textures you can adjust. Then you can bake them for better performance.

Oh yes, did you see the video by askNK?

A good video, a few things were missing like the compositing nodes, material nodes addon in the N-panel of the shader editor, but gives a good impression. He is amazingly fast: within a matter of 3 hours he got familiar with the addon and produced the video. I wish I could talk like that, I am way way slower.


Wow the EEVEE Production Suite is taken by storm. Check the front page on Blender Market:

And, another news: I am talking with a developer/coder for collaboration. That way the progress goes a bit faster.

Here some plans for now:

  • We have now thumbnails that load presets with lighting and materials applied. My idea is to have thumbnails for the lighting (greyscale thumbnails so we see the effect of light). And next to that another set of thumbnails for the materials for the backdrop. So the user will then first choose lighting and next, a material. (I have to work out the idea a bit better than that).

  • The latest backdrops have now modifiers. For example, you can adjust the bevel of the backdrop in the modifier stack. My idea is to add that in the EV Express UI.

  • The SpotRig light Ctrl (at the bottom) is a UI to control the lights. But when you select a light of the Spotrig, the arrow is not highlighted in the UI. For the user, it would be handy to see what light is selected. (sel.nms_selspotriglights)

  • There are now three light-rigs, and the UI is getting crowded. I thought about using OpenGL / blf, blg in the 3D viewport (modal) where you can control all the lights, and have one overview. I have to work out that idea a bit further. Not sure if OpenGL is maybe too heavy to code.