Eevee vs Cycles Comparisons

I am just curious of everyone’s comparisons.

I have just started playing with 2.8 and I am aware this thread is probably way to early because 2.8 is almost a year away. However I have been seeing some amazing art from Eevee and I would love to see comparisons to Cycles.

I know its Apples and Oranges, I just think this would be an interesting thread to see how far Eevee has come along.

Here is a quick one I did.

Straight from Blender, no post-processing.


EEVEE has come a long way, but this scene is a particularly difficult case for realtime engines. How did you set this render up? (I’m feeling a distinct lack of either SSR or a planar reflection probe on the gold-colored floor pattern: note that the spheres aren’t reflected in that area).

Seeing this is making me think: don’t you think EEVEE could be super useful in a neural net denoiser for Cycles renders?

P.S. Just wondering, is the foreground sphere selected in the EEVEE render? (noting the white border around it that clips on the edge of the render)

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The contrast is very interesting, I wonder why there appears to be more energy in the Eevee render?

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Do you know why that white outline appears on that sphere? Did you check “Only Render” in N panel > Display? Are you using OpenGL render image or Render Image (F12) on Eevee? Have you put a reflection plane on the ground?

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While the comparison is in deed apples vs oranges the question might be more what type of look do you need.

Cycles obviously will always be more physically correct but that comes with a speed penalty
eeVee will look more like a game engine but can be much faster.

I can see eeVee in areas where the graphics / look is sufficient to be perfectly fine and even better than Cycles.

What I really love about this topic is that eeVee and Cycles use the same materials.
That makes setting up each renderer much much easier.

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Same here, I love Eevee looks, it is very fast and I am looking closely to its development and plan on using it for our upcoming projects as soon as the beta is out, not physically accurate, but more than enough to tell stories with more than decent visuals!

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You could have gotten that Eevee render a LOT closer to the Cycles one. Reflective surfaces and metals are exactly where it should thrive the most.


But @cekuhnen, judging by this example I would have to play with materials to balance their response to lighting.

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less materials but lights.

eeVee lights and cycles lights have different materials and settings

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Been playing with real-time glass in 2.8, it is just awesome!

I did forget to check the only render option, To be honest I haven’t been following development very closely, I am not exactly sure how to use the reflection plane.

I wasn’t using this thread to say one is better than the other. I just thought it would be interesting to see how close Eevee gets to photo realism. I am sure there are tweaks that could have been done in Eevee that I could of done better. That’s sort of the point of this thread. To see what artist are doing to push Eevee to its limits. I am very excited for 2.8 I am sure I will be using it all the time.

I would love to know more about this? I admit I haven’t been following development that close but your statement is kinda the purpose of this thread, to see what people are doing to maximize the benefit of Eevee.

Upload the scene if possible and let the Eevee user try.

Cheers, mib

I didn’t even save it, it was literally my first time in 2.8 and I was just messing around. I would love if someone with a much more complicated scene (and knowledge of Eevee) would post a comparison. If no one else does I will when I have some time.

It is still difficult to make Cycles and Eevee look alike by simply changing the engine with the same configurations. We have said that Eevee is still in a state of early development, right?. Even lamps still do not emit with the same intensity between both engines. Also, if you are new (as I am) working with this real-time engines, you should start practicing with the “Probes” concept.
About OpenGL render image vs. Render Image (F12)… Currently OpenGL render image renders with the configuration for Viewport in Eevee, this is by default few samples (see Render tab in Eevee). Render image (F12) renders with more samples, therefore more quality. Also currently with F12 includes composition in the result.
Here you have some sample scenes to study them:

Here I have uploaded a video whose description in the second link you can download Eevee version:

I am also new to this kind of engine, so the scene can not be configured in the best way. There are some details to fix, as a reflection of area lamps on TV screen (perhaps with better clamp values), and also contact shadows producing some artifacts in armchairs.

Awesome thank you, I love the knife in your video hahahahahaha

Yeah that I Kniff - I was bursting to laughing when I saw it and woke up my baby girl hahaha

Here’s a Cycles to Eevee conversion…

Simple Eevee alpha test, actually I am quite amazed, despite some incorrect shadow and the fact, that I was not able to recreate lamp shade…

But for alpha version, well done guys, WELL DONE!!!

Render time for Eevee was just under 1 minute for A4, 300 dpi, Cycles was about 10min I think, not sure (2x GTX1070).

Thats quite true.
My biggest concern with eeVee are shadows. Your lamp shows some shadow artifacts particularly on the ceiling.