Eevee VS Cycles - Cozy Bedroom Scene

Hello :slight_smile:

You can buy this scene here on both cycles and eevee.

i made the effort to make an eevee scene that look as good as the cycle one. you can see a direct comparison here below.check out my other archviz on artstation if you want



Eevee (left) VS Cycles POST PROCESS

Eeevee (left) VS Cycles RAW render

Eevee Viewport


as you can see you can achieve quite a good result with eevee for archviz.
it need a lot of time to set up everything tho.

i’ll try to make a breakout of the scene when i have time this week.

IMPORTANT: i got some x4 speed performance boost while using the e-cycles + optix build, this speed increase is no joke. Thanks a lot @bliblubli


I´d be interested in reading about the setup.

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Wow Eevee looks surprisingly accurate! Well done!


I had to fake a lot of light to make it look ok tho.

Switching a scene from cycles to eevee is not an easy ride.

I figured. Keep it up! : )

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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holy hell thats really well done very photoreal.My little sister is an archviz student this scene could be a great inspiration for her

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Thanks a lot ! Is she using blender ?

Thanks Bart :poop:

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Did you bake lighting from Cycles to materials or did you set up fill lights? Also, do light portals work with Eevee?

The eevee render is 100% done in blender.
Yes I did use fill light to fake some lightning :slight_smile:

Eevee don’t use portal light because it cannot calculate global illumination like cycles does.

amazing renders both!

one question: how much time did it take for preparation and rendering for each one?

My experience so far for Archviz (which is quite unforgiving about realism compared to imaginary scenes) is that eevee might render faster but it needs so much preparation and twiking, that you end up spending more time than cycles. (especially if you consider that the render with cycles can be left for the night time)
But I’m still quite green in blender, I would very much like to hear what someone experienced as you has to say about the matter.

I really think that eevee is a waste of time for non animation project that need global illumination lightning. It takes just too much time to create a cool lignting set up, you cannot move your assets that easely because of baked lighning and reflection. And in the end the viewport is slow, there’s a lot of noise for things like reflection and soft shadows.

I really think the most important thing is iteration, you need to test a lot of differents ideas in a minimum ammount of time to find the best one. With my 2x 2080ti’s optix + e-cycles set up, i can acheive a lot more ideas with cycles than with eevee. It really boost my creativity and i just couldn’t work witouth my set up.

So it all depends on what your pc spec is and if you are ready to spend 5 000$ on a machine that will boost you in your work or not.

But Eevee + RTX support could change that drastically, No more light and reflection baking could be the dream. There’s also the fact that you cannot create for example a real time archviz video game level with eevee. If thoses changes will be added to eevee then it will be much more interesting for archviz.


Wow both look really stunning! I think i need to check them in PS and turning layers on and off. It so hard to pick differences.

Well check the big size in browser tabs works as good. Still amazed by quality of EEVEE. Though Cycles has way more realistic lighting. If you would not see that image, than EEVEE one already looks stunning as well.

PS i think you should change that link to “buy scene here”, this is some what misleading :wink:

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But that time spend on tweaking you win from using cycles. If you get better at it i think you will beat Cycles.

I just saw you bike scene again, Still is such a cool one as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile:

what do you mean ? sorry i didn’t understood

Cheater that’s a real picture! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know what you mean.

My wish is to click on render sometime and get the nearly same result in eevee, like in cycles. Without any tweaks or tricks known from game engines. There is still too much work in eevee to get really realistic results, but the way is right. I love eevee too and it’s already great. It’s a new important step for Blender.

Nice work by the way. :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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