Einstein was right

Well I’ll be damned. It cost them 700M$ but a group of researchers finally “proved” Einstein’s general theory of relativity! They used one of NASA’s satellites to prove that an object such as a planet does indeed distort the fabric of space and time.

Read the article here

And here’s the official site of the experiment.

so does this mean everything I ever learned in physics was wrong?

Sure he was right. Einstein was a veggie. Brains just work different when you don’t pollute them with leftovers of killed animals. Seriously.

Well… I guess it’s no longer a theory now is it?

Well…to be fair, they didn’t really “prove” his theory, they just found very strong evidence that supports it. It’s kind of like that movie, Proof. There’s a difference between evidence and proof. Watch the movie.

This absolutely does not prove relativity. A theory is a collection of statements used to make predictions and describe a phenomenon. If at any time a theory’s prediction is wrong, and it cannot be adapted to be correct, it ceases to be a theory.

However, this is definitely a strong +1 for relativity. Let us not forget the overwhelming evidence for subjects like gravity, which has not been proven, and is “just” a theory. And of course by saying something is “just” a scientific theory basically means it so far has always made the accurate prediction.


I wondered what happened to good old Gravity Probe B…

No kidding! And it does wonders for your ego and sense of self-importance.

Ah, I see… I must’ve missed the quotes around the word “proved”. If this is the case though then at what point is something proven?

In science? I don’t think there is a specific point. Until one observation or another says otherwise? You cannot absolutely prove scientific theories. Somewhere in the universe space time may distort backwards, therefore making gravity have things fall up instead of down. Who knows?

No kidding! And it does wonders for your ego and sense of self-importance.
You have no idea how true is that. Seriously, you just may not be aware how true.

there has been such evidence quite some time ago when the first GPS-satelites were installed. they had a switch in their software that would include the relativity correction-calculations if the system really showed the (big!!) inaccuracies that were predicted for the GPS-system if the theory was correct in this aspect

well they had to use that switch :yes:

Oh yeah? Dolphins eat lotsa meat and they’re smarter than all of us.


you’re saying einstein was smart because he didn’t eat meat?
that is possibly the most narrow-minded thing I have ever heard.


'nuff said on that subject… I’ll take the steak please, with lots of A1 = )

I’m sure you also have a good explanation why the likes of Nikola Tesla, Da Vinci, Einstein (i.e those who actually provided for technological-socio-cultural leaps) etc. were you-know-what (so you won’t get upset) … Btw. Einstein also did quite some lectures on subjects not really well-received by political authorities. You can mine those just like you pasted the “primate” article. Some clues here:


and … bon apetit.

Goddamn it tedi, stop ruining this thread with irrelevant tripe.

Like others have said, this is no mroe an absolute proof than the COBE results proved the big bang, but it’s definately promising and pretty cool.

The source you posted is biased and not-credible. Michael Bluejay (the writer of the article you posted) has absolutely no educational background in the field of biology. Take a look at his “achievements” http://michaelbluejay.com/michael/

Kinda funny don’t you think?

http://ivu.org/ this one better?

Not really… There are several things wrong with that one…

  1. It does not present any evidence supporting your arguement.

(oh and for the record, nobody here is upset)

In this case, you’re suggesting that there’s some correlation between being vegetarian and extreme intelligence.

  1. It’s a “Vegetarian Union” website, which is likely to be biased toward this sort of thing.

  2. To make these kind of assumptions without hard evidence is scientifically invalid.

Got any others?

You’re starting to hijack the thread, but - in case you seek for the evidence: the evidence is embedded in the quote you’ve just made. Correlation, right?

Btw. how is material I provided “biased” versus material emanating from “meateating” campus. Is there any logic in that? I’m pretty sure that ivu site caters for most of historical data needed to draw any correlations.

So, I’ll restrain from posting any further info here, as well as answering any provocations, this is becoming increasingly off-topic and anyone with some sort of intelligence can foresee what’s coming. And, most of it can be answered with -links- I already provided. Both official and un-official.

Btw. Einstein himself explained influence and benefits of vegetarian diet. I believe this can be found on internet, too. This explains my first post, before anybody else attacks that.

and who made the first post here?