Empire State Building

I don’t know how far I’ll go with this, but I want to experiment with LODs and I chose the Empire State Building for my model. I used a few images from Google as references to get the basic shape and proportions. I started with a cube to form the bottom-most section, and then used loop cuts to mark off the sections of the building and extruded them as I worked my way up. It was very easy to do.

This is as as far as I’ll go modelling LOD 1:

Starting on modelling LOD 2:

Looks nice! Can’t wait to see it finished!

Thank you, Deadway!

Last night I made the base for the antenna (LOD 2):

Today I’m adding the railings for the observations decks (LOD 3). The pipe joint add-on made it very easy to design them:

i was experimenting with Lod also a few times when i was making some weapons for LoL. Model looks nice and hope to see it finished soon.

That’s looking very good, I envy you the patience needed to incorporate all that detail, which is only gong to get denser at the higher LODs.

So, a dirigible or a giant ape as an accessory?

Thank you, guys!

chipmasque, I don’t know how long my patience will last. I don’t expect I’ll ever be able to detail the whole thing to a very high level, but instead I plan on spot-detailing certain areas, and then use them in an animation.

And yes, a giant ape and a few planes buzzing around are a possibility…

A few more details added today…

Wow progress is looking amazing! Well I can’t wait till the planes and the ape are hanging around! Also can’t wait to see how much detail you will add!

You just encourage me to continue, Deadway. :eyebrowlift: Right now I’m doing the very tedious task of adding frames to all the windows for LOD 3, and it’s taking forever, so no new images of my progress yet. Maybe tonight.

Looking great! For the windows, you might try this add on. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?364103-Add-on-update-Windows-Generator-3

I know it must be hard to put all those details but once it’s done and it will be epic!

your patience is amazing :smiley:

Patience isn’t the right word. Let’s just call it foolish ambition.

Some textured windows I’m trying out…

Well the detail just keeps getting better and better! I know it must be hard, but the results are fantastic! Keep it up man! And happy blender!

Looks fantastic, i hope you use addons, it will help you. looking forward to see it finished:D

Your “foolish ambition” sure pays off! Next time I need to build a city I know who to call :smiley:

Thank you all!

Speedthriller, I missed your post, so now I’ll look at that window add-on you gave me a link to. It’s just what I need. Although I have to use textures for most of the windows, I’d like to make my own (textures), and this will help.

On a general note, I’m at the point where I have to start thinking about the transition between LOD 3 ans LOD 4. LOD 3 will be textured windows (like you see now) and only the basic shapes for what will be detailed features in LOD 4. I’ll add most of this detailing to the observation decks and at street level. The rest of the building is pretty basic and only very close-up shots will need finer details. For those, I can just use small sections of the building rather than the whole thing.

I guess I need to get these windows finished so I can start the transition to LOD 4!

this is really ambitious. Keep it up men!