Environment flythrough

Just saw your rock/waterfall video on youtube… dude, that is genious! It wonders me how people are able to create such amazing and quality looking things out of blender. Generally you only find some bad low-poly game with ugly textures… but this… this is really good! I’ve always waited for a demonstration like this. This also shows that BGE would be capable to create AAA looking titles, if one just shows enough interest in BGE. I really do hope though that 2.5 or 2.6 brings some optimization to the game engine (and hopefully some bug fixing).

edit: I checked the download link for the blend on youtube, but somehow the downloaded file doesn’t work; wehn trying to open it it says there are files missing. Could you please upload it again somewhere?

edit: i think the uploaded file is intact but the broken downloads are caused by the downloadserver. the graphicall server really sucks

Use the pasteall.org blend he uploaded on page two at the bottom, thats the most updated version.