Europa 2045 Blender Game Engien FPS

Hello BlenderArtists members,

I would like to show you some screenshots and videos of my latest project “Europa 2045” .I’m working in a Team with Jona F. The story is finished to 60% (i dont want to post information about the story yet )(But a little information on edge, is it not the continent “Europa” its the same named moon of Jupiter).


About the video:
it includes a Ragdoll in Action (Ragdoll is now much improved) and a few moving images of the weapon “D240”.


Thats all yet

Looks like a good start,the ragdoll model is pretty well made ,since there is a gun I assume that this is a shooting game based on physics?. good luck with the project :slight_smile:

yes it will be a shooter but not Physic based i only love ragdolls :wink: :D. it is a normal shooter.

Looks great! Keep it up!

More Screens

(Muzzleflash wip Arm Texture wip too)

No trigger!!! :o

do we really still need a trigger in the future ? ;D

My newest Texture work.

new Screenshots from this day, all Textures by me, Lars Pfeffer ( helped at the lightig

new screenshots


orca :smiley:


Lookin’ good, LarsHolsten! Reminds me of the early Halo games a bit(compliment!).
Can’t wait to play a game demo/see a video of the gameplay! keep it up.

Thanks Mutch ! :slight_smile:

i doesent have mutch time in this week but i did this in the weekend.

(im sorrry for my Stupid English)


A very very Small update, cause we working at the player setup at the moment.

(power failure !!!)

any criticism?

Well, i’ve edited it with paint, so it’s not highly detailed image, but i think it’s ok :p, i attached one image that shows how i see the screen you posted, sort of opinion/criticism mixed.

I really like sci-fi style, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

ok thanks :D.

Point 1: its dark because thers a power failure :wink:
Point 2a: Ther is a normal at 1.000 :smiley:
Point 2b: Ther is a normal at 1.000 :smiley: to(i DONT choose the texture ! xD i make all the textures my self ! from scratch an)
Point 3: Ther is now light at the ceiling, sun is falling in at this side :wink: ther a window :smiley:
Point X: i dont now wath you mean :smiley: that are cabels

kk, good edit on the texture then :wink:

Now i understand the orange, which had nosense in the start xD

You used normal map, but the normal map of blender, which doesn’t work so properly, maybe just for surfaces like alphalt, for complex object you need some external program, and to add those texture, one for the diffuse(color), one for the normals, one for the specularity, and one other for the displacement. The final result is a wayyyyyyy better :smiley: i’m rendering a video in blender, and i’ve already saved some pic, to show you what i mean, i’ll post shortly :wink: by editing this post

EDIT: i had time, since my posts are my firsts :smiley: and i need the approval thing, i did a short video, to show you what i meant, i think you can understand it by yourself :wink: