Exact lengths and Angles?

I need to produce some resin parts on a 3D printer (Elegoo Mars Pro 2).

Does anybody know how I can make objects that are an exact size in blender with precise measurements for lengths and angles?

Is this even possible?

The parts that I’m making need to fit together in a specific way with existing parts. The Mars is able to produce the tolerances that I need but I don’t know how to set the values.

Think cogs and cams that need to mesh together with existing cogs and cams.

I’ve been doing 2D CAD for years so I can construct what I need, I just don’t know how to do it in Blender.

Well blender does have the measurement settings in viewport overlays (2.80…) for selected edges and polygons and even the ‘Measure It’ Plugin. So you can make measured reference point, lines, angles…

Do you have a link to instructions on how to use them?

It’s shipped with blender. So Add-ons MeasureIt Documentation: MeasureIt Docs.

there is a complicated Addon included in blender call PDT CAD Addon

there are a lot of CAD functions included

but it will take time to get use to this big addon
it has most of the CAD functions for angles ect…
intersecting lines ect…

note it has all the tinycad functions and more included!

have fun
happy bl

How do I access it, is there a wiki or instructions?

I’m experienced with Cad, but not with blender.