Construction Lines add-on - CAD - Released

This is an add-on I’ve built called Construction Lines, for accurate modeling with a CAD-like workflow (though can be using in any modeling). Building models from 2D primitives, setting out geometry with guide points and guidelines, is very easy. I’ve been using it for my own projects for a while now and am planning to release in the coming weeks so I wanted to see what kind of interest in the community there is for this type of tool.

I’ve added a couple of videos below to show some of the features in action and will put out a full preview video soon.

Please let me know if you’re interested in it and I’ll post when it’s released.

Key feature:

  • Build guidelines and points that geometry can be constructed from and to. These will not affect your model or show in renders
  • Quick measurements can be taken and also extended, reduced or divided accurately. This allows for any dimension to be divided into halves, thirds, quarters, etc. without any user input required.
  • Ability to build basic 2D primitives in place - rectangles, circles, arcs - snapped and built from any point (not just the 3D cursor)
  • Line drawing which will automatically create faces if a face cycle is found
  • Add primitives or lines to existing geometry in edit mode will add to and intersect where required (splitting or making faces where possible)
  • Automatic snapping to vertices, edges, edge centers and faces
  • All features allow numerical input for exact sizing and mathematical symbols can be used to form basic expressions (’/’, ‘*’, ‘+’, ‘-’)
  • Works in both Object and Edit modes and can be switch during use

Setting and using guidelines/points

Drawing and using shapes

There are some overlaps with one or two other add-ons but I’ve not found any that have the full set that Construction Lines has. Also with the upcoming 2.9 release of Blender and it’s Extrude, Dissolve and Intersect function, anyone coming from tools like SketchUp will have very close to comparable drawing functionality in Blender (plus so much more of course) with the Construction Lines add-on.

Gumroad Link
Blender Market Link


I am interested in it

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Thanks for the comment. I’ll make sure to post here once I release.


I have some ideas which I want to share so that your addon can become more awesome…since I have used Modo …Inventor,…Catia…Solidworks…Fusion 360…Autocad Mechanical .and…I am not a coder that’s y I can’t implement on my own

Yes your addon is interesting for me! Thks and congrats. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m definitely up for hearings about ways to improve the add-on. DM me and we’ll have a chat.

Looks extremely useful!

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I have been waiting for something like this for a while. This is so needed for architectural work


I’ve also spent a lot of years in a CAD program and I miss construction lines as well. Would be very interested.

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Thanks for all the responses, I’m really pleased that this is something that you’re looking for. I use Construction Lines for my day to day work, as I’m trying to move all my CAD work over to Blender now, so it’s under constant development. I’ll release a beta version on Blender Market/Gumroad which will entitle you to the full release when it’s ready, for a minimal fee (around $7) Which might help fund a bit of the time to develop in the direction you guys want. Below is a list of some of the things that are currently in development for the next version. Any other requests, please let me know.

  • Angular measurement between objects/geometry points
  • Rotation of guidelines/objects to a snapped point - means you can rotate and snap to a distant unconnected vertex/edge/face
  • Guide shapes - rectangle, circle and arc guide points option to be built instead of constructing an object
  • Dragging guides/objects locked perpendicular to an existing guide line
  • Face splitting when adding a new shape away from an edge in existing geometry (Blender won’t split a face if there is not a connecting edge)
  • 2D shape booleans

Should I DM you on insta or any other platform

I will buy it as soon as it is available. I was in need of this feature a couple of days ago as I was modeling this renovation project

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Thanks for the comment @Ector3 I hope your project went well despite not having the add-on. I’m working on a tutorial document now and once that’s done I’ll be ready to release.

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I applaud that you are not only developing such a useful addon but taking the time to create educational documentation for potential users. This is an aspect of development that far too often gets overlooked.


Appreciate the comment, thanks. Completely agree with you, it often seems like an afterthought.

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Super interested in this - as someone with a heavy history in SketchUp modeling, I think these are the kinds of tools that a lot of users of SketchUp are waiting for before really giving Blender a chance. Really excited for this! :slight_smile:


Hey Justin, welcome to BA. I was going to contact you through YouTube about this. I’ve been following your SU videos since the early days. Really looking forward to your opinion on the add-on. My work is split between SU and Blender, so I’ve been trying to make the tools comprehensive enough to completely move over to Blender. Still a lot of work to do but I think this could be a great start. I should be releasing the beta version at some point next week.


About time we get some proper CAD like modeling functionality!!

Awesome Thanx!!!

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Really excited to see it - let me know when you release it and I’d love to do a video on it on the Blender channel!

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Extremely useful and well done. Congrats!

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