excited about 2.35?

i dont know about everyone else, but i am sooooo excited about this release! it has face and edge select, and a new object list (anyone who has used C4D knows how helpfull that is)!!! all these are exactly like tools in C4D, which is what im used too because i use it at school, but can’t afford to buy…i dono about everyone else, but i’m excited :smiley:

3.25 is a long ways a way, not sure I want to get to excited over something that’s several years off…


no…really…is anyone as excited as i am?

I’m up for 2.35, hope it would be released as soon as it can.

Next week. Don’t jump all around too much.

woops? :expressionless:

Well I’m always really exited and curious what will be new inside it. Most of the time I check all test builds but still there are suprises. The thing that makes me really exited it new possibl stuff for the game engine. I can’t wait to see it improved. :stuck_out_tongue:

[me] = running in cirkels for blender 2.35 [/me]
:smiley: lol

the ne selection option are realy something blender needed to get.
kina a shame they did not put this into blender some time ago.

i am very excited about the cloth sim. i do not expect it to be as
good as in maya or c4d but still for blender users a tool they
could make sopme fun stuff with.

and an improved particle system as well!!!


I’ve been toying with the CVS for a while now. Much fun, a lot of things are LOADS easier. I feel like these fundamental features have been missing for far too long, now that I’ve gotten accustomed to them.

All I use is CVS so instant gratification when I see a new feature has been commited :smiley:

well i just download a new version when its ready. i mean its not like its going anywhere, so no hurry eh?

and do i need to get my knickers in a twist every time a new version is relaeased. damn i would be happy if i could just keep up with the features of the last release.

Alltaken :smiley: :smiley:

I never heard it’s going to be integrated into 2.35.

I never heard it’s going to be integrated into 2.35.[/quote]

Right, not sheduled for 2.35 …
and i heard that the coders inspected maya’s goals and springs to get inspired.

Some other rants say they’ve been reading that:


Hi you all. I’m so excited as I’ve been with every new release. I started with Blender on January’04 and what I’m really impressed is having a big major feature added almost every two weeks and a couple of minor additions almost every week. To be certain I don’t care about “officially numbered” releases as soon as I’m always downloading the bf and CVS compilations at the “Testing Builds” thread :smiley:

What is true is that the Outliner has been an impressive addition, because, independently of other features, is a real streamline on workflow. It’s probably one of the additions that is affecting more on my work. I feel pushes Blender to a new level of efficiency and usability. I feel it will have a big impact on general Blender acceptance, since the set of features is really impressive nowadays.

BTW, I’m afraid the cloths system was never announced for 2.35 per-se. One of the first bf compilations had “soft meshes” on a general preview added for first-contact purposes, but it has not been added (as long as I know). I hope it to be the “big addition” on 2.36 :wink:

I’m dead excited too.

Blender is slowly getting the stuff I love about Wings. It’s clawing back into my modelling work slowly . . .

Rendering these days is just so much better than it was just a year ago. Progress has been incredible.

im reeeeaaaaly excited about this! though i would be more if i didnt download the CVS :smiley:

I am excited, not much, since I use CVS versions.
I will be very excited with the new Look And Feel that Matt Ebb is making, that one will definatly improve the way we use Blender.

I’ve downloaded a cvs version, but I’m not sure of the best way to install it. Should I just install it over 2.34? Should I install it to a seperate folder … and if i do this, how can i give the new build access to the directories of 2.34? I know these aren’t hard questions, I just would hate to lose anything in the transfer. Any good guidelines?

I unzip it into my documents and then just run the exe in that folder. (If you are trying to use tuhopuu when you unzip you will get just an exe, unzip this into the main blender folder and run from there)