export curves from maya to blender

Hello. How I can to export from maya (or splines from max) to blender?
FBX is not work.

Same issue.

bump too… same issue…

Took me a while to work this out. Hopefully if you found yourself here like I did then this will solve your issues.

In maya you can export the curves as alembic but its not found under the normal export options.
Cache > Alembic Cache > Export <All/Selection> to Alembic

This should give you a .abc file which you can import into blender.

The curves will preview at the lowest resolution but this can be changed by selecting the curves and editing the property “Resolution Preview U”.

I tried this on nurbs curve, but for whatever weird reason, it only shows in maya as control points with an invisible curve making it useless for me. For bezeir curves, it will crash maya when I import them.

Could you explain to me how you did it step by step from blender to maya?