Exporter addon for Maxwell Render

Here is the last beta 0.9.4 version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bmaxwell/files/

Use only with Blender version 2.78 and M~R, otherwise it will work in unexpected ways.

If you have already installed previous version remove it:

  1. Deactivate addon in User Preferences
  2. Restart Blender
  3. Remove addon

Windows, 32 and 64 bit
Mac OS X, 64 bit
Linux, 64-bit

Simple rendered image fully prepared in Blender

SPH Fluid exported as RealFlow Mesh

Blender Smoke & Maxwell Render Volumetric

Sorry for my bad English :frowning:

Did you make python bindings for the maxwell sdk ?

Can we have source or is it compiled python only ?

great work. to bad i don’t use windows

Yes, I’m using maxwell sdk.

The project will be open source, when the main function will be implemented the code will be available at sourceforge.net.

Thank you :slight_smile: Right now I’m working on a linux version, it will be ready soon.

If you want I can help, I don’t mind reading unfinished code. And there is a lot of ground to cover to make a full featured exporter :smiley:

New version 0.0.2 for Windows x64 and Linux released.
Added export of Image Based Lighting, some fixes and improvements.

Hi nildar,

Very good idea! I like and use Maxwell render and I wait a long time but why not for Win 32bytes, please?
I havn’t a 64bytes Window :frowning:

Great! That is what i was waiting for. But please, make a Mac OS X version…

New version released: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bmaxwell/files/ :slight_smile:

Awesome script, I have problems to get motion blur, any idea how?

Motion blur not implemented yet but may be available in future releases.

finally :wink:

…but can’t get it to work

… 13:35 15-02-2012

freez after add any object to scene, empty scene works (with camera only)

i have 0.3.0 osx version, and when i try to hit Render, blender crashes :frowning:
i am osx 10.6.8, would console log messages be useful?

what version of blender are you using?
add-on 0.3.0 works only with blender version is not higher than 2.61, otherwise it will work in unexpected ways. Recommended to use official builds

r44117 (2.61.4) and script 0.3.0. export fine but only scene without any geometry
r39307 (2.59.0) and script 0.3.0. works fine but sometime crash after export but render fine

r44084, will try with official build…

is the addon good to use with Maxwell 2.61?

Edit: Ok it works with Maxwell 2.6.1…

On some previously made materials, when I open the Maxwell Material editor in Blender, they show up fine. But on some other materials, the material editor through Blender, shows no material. It just opens up a blank untilted material.


I found that if I browse to the material using the browse button instead of the folder button to locate my materials, they material editor opens them up just fine.

I can not get your donate button to work.

Is it possible you can do a tutorial on how to set up a simple fur/ grass strand scene and export the scene to Maxwell Render. I tried setting up a simple scene but it is not working. I set up the strand particles and textures made sure it rendered correctly in blender. Then made a maxwell material per the directions on the maxwell site for srtand materials. But the scene will not export. Blender does not crash. it just will not export.


Are you a member of the Maxwell Forum? We have been talking abuot your exporter on the Maxwell forum. You should create a thread on there as well.