[External Program] Blender Version Manager for 2.8

Curious is there anyway to modify so that the build download happens using GitHub, GitLab’s, or Bitbucet code api? Similar to how CGcookies blender addon updater functions. https://github.com/CGCookie/blender-addon-updater

It be nice if the version manager had the ability for downloading custom builds hosted on Github, for custom version updating. I haven’t taken a look at whats on BVM github, but is there anychance the community can take a stab at including such feature? Granted if you don’t have the time.

I have a prototype of app that can handle downloding all official builds (stable, daily and experimental), which I will, hopefully, make into a full program. The reason is that BVM is not very good designed for extendability. Also, downloading something from repositories doesn’t seem common for me, only including graphicall.org builds is reasonable.

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Hey thanks for the tool again, feels really polished in linux too ! But i can’t get it to update the available releases, i created an issue for it on your github https://github.com/DotBow/Blender-Version-Manager/issues/18

Cheers !

Please, check latest release 1.6.1 Beta, hope issue not there anymore!


did not know about this beta! thanks, I like the version number change.

Hey thanks for your quick fix ! works perfectly on linux too now ! i didn’t test yet the “launch on system startup” option but apart from that, all good ! :slight_smile:

I didn’t manage to get a blender terminal though, is there a specific workaround to follow ? i tried launching BVM from terminal, no luck. An option to launch from terminal could be awesome !

Anyway, thanks a lot !

As a non Linux user I can get most information from internet only :expressionless: So here How to open the Blender Console window in Ubuntu people says that you should do some extra steps to open a terminal window.

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Hi, yeah i know how to do it in linux, the thing is, you have to launch blender from terminal from the get go to have a terminal windows opened, and for now it is not possible when launching blender from BVM.
A checkbox for it could launch blender through a terminal ? i totally get that you can’t test it, and this is a very specific request, but that could be really great ! :smiley:

great little program … thanks