[External Program] Blender Version Manager for 2.8

Project no longer supported! For new versions visit Blender Launcher thread!

Blender Version Manager

Minimalistic download manager for Blender 2.8 (Win x64) latest builds.

  • Simple UI with list of downloaded builds from BuildBot
  • Automatic checking of latest builds
  • Fast access via tray icon
  • Indication of running version and its number of instances
  • Automatic registration of Blend-file extension

:open_book: You can find information about installing and using program in Wiki.

Main Window

Blender Version Manager Main Window

Tray Context Menu

Blender Version Manager Tray Icon


You can buy Blender Version Manager on Gumroad for 1$ or more.

Icons License

Original icons were made by @jendrzych for Blender 2.8 and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).


Latest build:
:arrow_down: Download Blender Version Manager v1.5.0 (Win x64) from GitHub

Source Code:
:page_facing_up: Blender Version Manager on GitHub

:money_with_wings: : Blender Version Manager on Gumroad

:sparkling_heart: Appreciate any feedback and pull requests! Have a good day!


Interesting. Maybe you should take a look at this recent thread: Script to download latest build

I made a full program with user friendly interface and no need to install any additional stuff. It is working out of the box (on Windows at least :sweat_smile:).

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Oh, I was just suggesting you might collaborate or something. After a few minor tweaks, I got the previous working on my ArchLinux install. I don’t require a GUI, but other people would certainly appreciate one, which you did. Since both are done in python, I figure it wouldn’t be that difficult to put the code together and insure cross platform, perhaps make a few improvements? Was just a thought.

Just released v1.0.2!


  • Threading misbehavior for file loading
  • Latest local Blender version with star icon not showing in some cases


  • Notification for successful update
  • Latest local version of Blender can be executed from tray context menu

Hey, I simply love the program’s icon!


Indeed, I like the icon. And this program.

@jendrzych @Toudou Thanx for feedback! Creating icons is a challanging process for me :joy:

There is may be some minor bugs, so please report!

This supposed to be v1.1.0, but since I found a bug, please download a new version!

Finally released v1.1.1!

Program now is a single exe file!


  • Wrong version opens from tray menu


  • Click on tray icon menu opens program window
  • Readable versions names with git number and release date
  • Version list sorting from new to old
  • UI enhancements

Hi, this looks really great!

However, I have my default folder set to C:/Blender/2.8, but it doesn’t show a version. Pressing the Update button just crashes.

Hi! Sad to hear that program crashes :confused:
Did a pretty dumb mistake in code. Thanx for reporting, really appreciate it!
Please, download the latest version with fix:

Download v1.1.1 for Windows from GitHub

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It works! I love it! Thank you so much!

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Thanks pretty cool little helper.

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I used it yesterday and it all went well but today trying to update again and after a successful download it crashed while extracting and now if I try to run it all I get is this window error:

Fatal Error Detected

Failed to execute script main

First you need to delete a folder it tried extract blender to.
Then try to update again, I will stay in touch until then.
Sorry for making trouble with that program to you :sweat_smile:

Hi folks!
It’s been a long time… Finally uploaded new version!

Blender Version Manager 1.3 changes:

  • Added Indication of running instances of Blender
  • UI polishing
  • Bug fixes

It is a pre-release, so please report if there is any bugs!


dude, you just a life saver! thank you so much!

but it seem to crash whenever I’m trying to set a path: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjO7R2Ayv2Q
Am I doing something wrong?

1.1.1 works as intended.
Btw, is there a chance to add option to overwrite existing build and to exctract in the same folder each time?


Thanx for report, updated build:

Blender Version Manager v1.3.1 Win x64

About your question:
It supposed to store versions separately since latest build may crush or have critical bugs.

Well yeah, but don’t you have some plans to add overwrite as an option? Basically making it autoupdater.

I programmed this app for my internal purposes and share it as is, so I don’t really plan anything, but thanx for advice! If I will have time I will take a look at this option.

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