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  1. Incredible tool!!!:smiley:
  2. Props for Light Bwk - I agree wiht his point of view. Is it possible to implement? Or are there any situations when the addon would get lost in the idea about what the user wants to get?

(Writer's Block) #22

Awesome again Crouch.

I’m definitely going to make a small donation just as soon as I can afford it. Next month hopefully.

(Crouch) #23

Thank you all for the very nice words. It’s always nice to see that an add-on is so well-received.

Some replies to the suggestions and problems encountered.
Storrboy: for mass-filling between two parallel edge-loops, in a single step, you could try the bridge function in the LoopTools add-on. That should work for the case you describe.

Light Bwk: interesting suggestion. It would however require some careful consideration before implementing this, as I foresee some problem with it. In the example you provide it is pretty clear how it should work, but I can think of many situations in which it is not very clear. For example 3d-curved meshes, or many vertices together at irregular distances. It’s still an interesting idea though, I’ll give it some more thought.

kakachiex2: thanks for the blend-file. I can reproduce the bug and I’ll investigate it.

abdelsidi: I’ve tested it on 2.65, current trunk (rev. 53893) and many builds in between, and it seems to work fine for me. Can you perhaps give the error message or explain what you do? This page might help if you don’t have much experience with add-ons.

Writer’s Block: thanks. Donations enable me to work on these add-ons for Blender and I love to share them with the community.


What a great addon, to be honest imo this is pretty much ground breaking, I would like to note that your video showcase shows the ‘vert by vert’ selection for filling faces, I usually switch to edge mode to fill faces faster, but this is much faster then even that, thanks again this is awesome!

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Here are more ideas that might get it working like I suggested.

  1. Use viewport to align the face, so the face always facing the view
  2. Sample near faces area to approx face size (maybe only need 2 faces)

The auto weld part I’m still thinking of how to make it more intuitive. Kinda like auto-weld in Lighwave.

(kazinger) #26

I wont miss select, shift select, f, over and over.
Nice script

(Bernardo) #27

wow great stuff!! Still didn’t try it, but looks awesome! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

(Psy-Fi) #28

Only one thought lingers in my mind…why does it not work like that in blender already. Great initiative!

(xrg) #29

Said it in the looptools thread already, but bears repeating: awesome script!

(Psy-Fi) #30

there’s one thing that would make it perfect: For the vertex case, select one of the two side vertices instead of the new one. This will allow you to quickly do extrusions along a boundary.

(1D_Inc) #31

Well, maybe you are much closer to the source, than you may think about it :slight_smile:
It were designed just to gently expand default Fkey abilities, and, honestly, not without a purpose… :wink:

(chromemonkey) #32

I am looking through the code and have a tech question. Keep in mind I have done very limited development and it was back when Edit_Mesh was the only data library.

My question is related to something called b-Mesh Eulers, which I started reading a bit about how they can be used to make code more compact. I didn’t notice any in here, were they not useful or relevent or would they have broken backward compatibility?

(GLakie) #33

Very nice Bart. This’ll save a lot of time. Thank You.

(ng-material) #34

wow excellent addon!

hmm get some weird behavior when i try to use smooth after using this addon.The mesh completely blows up.

using 53922 win7 64

I will also try to make a donation within the next few weeks.

(etoven) #35

Script is crashing for me, 2.65.8 53739

(etoven) #36

Tried it with the latest trunk build, I still cant get it to work. :frowning:

(Nanomanpro) #37

Crouch - would be possible to create in the future retopology tool something like this?


this is extension for cinema 4d from this page:

(ng-material) #38

wow nanmanpro.

those vids look amazing.

I do wonder if crouch could take on such a thing.

maybe he can answer,would you be able to do something like that crouch?,if so,how much funding would be required?

f2 is still fantastic! hehe,not trying to disrupt this thread.

(3Duaun) #39

That extension for Cinema4D is IMO mostly just what you get in 3DCoat, this is my go-to tool for retopo work. Nothing beats 3DCoat imo, its much faster for me than topogun. Though with a few additions to F2, this could give me good reason to use blender instead of 3DCoat for power-retopo work.

(Psy-Fi) #40

Wow…The combination of sculpting and reprojection is just…wow!