(1D_Inc) #41

Yeah, F2 definitely rocks)
Hope it will be integrated to the core!

(1D_Inc) #42

Some timelapse about retopology F2 workflow

(kakachiex2) #43

Testing the Quadder script from paleajed and the Spider script F2 from Crouch

(etoven) #44

Please fix this to work with latest trunk build! This add-on looks awesome!

(PLyczkowski) #45

This is some great stuff, a donation flew your way. My feedback: When using Quad from vertex, I would appreciate an option for the new vertex to appear under the mouse cursor. Also, this add-on would be really great for retopologizing, if it respected the “snap to face” setting.

(Greg Zaal) #46

Really awesome tool, but doesn’t respect smooth/flat shading it seems.

(PLyczkowski) #47

A thought: One way to easily prepare this add-on for “snap to face” would be for it to automatically activate translate after creating a new quad.

(1D_Inc) #48

Yeah,аn AutoGrab mode =)
It were my first wish when Bartius sent to me an alpha version.
But after some testing we realised, that during modeling there are too much cases, when you hadrly don’t need to move vertex exactly after creating (especially make sence with snaps turned on), or when you need to grab it from another view - it were about 70% from 90% of times when you need it be grabbed for baroque sample.
Also, we want to keep script “ideologically clean” - so it still has no conflicts with default Fkey functionality, and behaves just the same.
It just creates.

That were made for the case if script will be builded into default Fkey functionality oneday.
We are working on it, and after that we will be able to move it further in any way.

(PLyczkowski) #49

What about the option for the new vertex to appear under the mouse cursor? It is clean and simple. Actually less intuitive for me is the current behaviour.

(kakachiex2) #50

not every time you need the vertex to appear under the mouse cursor i don’t think is necessary the actual behavior is the correct one…:yes:

(1D_Inc) #51

Agreed with kakachiex2. Current behaviour is suitable for the most cases and styles of modeling.
Forced diagonal is extremely useful for modeling feature. When you don’t know what should be done at the next step… you just pressing Fbutton to get the vertex that is the base for next verticles and quads…

I’ve tried to describe workflow at that videos:

For modeling

For retopology

(Julius) #52

Really nice… needs to be the standard Blender behaviour!

(oscurart) #53

This addOn is amazing!!!
I have it now in my builds.

Please, the addon must be in contribs now!
1d_ink, congrats for you too!

(Meta-Androcto) #54

this addon is pre-approved for contrib svn.
best to put in contrib then ask ideasman to code review & put in trunk.
I think really it would be most appreciated sooner rather than later as 2.66 release is fast approaching.

(Craig Jones) #55

Crouch, this is simply mind blowing. I’ve been too sick to blend, but finally tried it and as soon as I get paying work, I’m dropping money your direction!!

(PLyczkowski) #56

I’m not sure… you kept pressing G after F all the time, and if you forget it for a moment you’ll get a part that’s not adjacent to the surface… Actually during retopology in 100% of cases you have to press G after F, that’s why I suggested a toggle for auto-grab. Or a whole new dedicated tool, like the ones posted in this thread (I suppose I didn’t donate enough for that to happen though… :).

(Crouch) #57

Great to see there is so much interest in and positive feedback on this add-on. Thanks to Psy-Fi, there is even a good chance it will be implemented in C. For now, I will make some small improvements to the add-on, upload it to contrib svn and ask for a code review.
Time for some responses (I’m going through the replies chronologically):

Light Bwk: viewport orientation and neighbouring face sizes might indeed be useful.
Psy-Fi: it’s an interesting discussion, which vertex should be selected. If you select the newly created vertex (as the add-on currently does) you can more easily change its position by simply pressing G. If you select one of the other two vertices it is easier to continuously create new faces. Both functionalities are useful.
chromemonkey: I don’t know if I understand you correctly. What do you mean with bmesh eulers? As far as I know, we don’t have access to Blender’s internal data structures through Python, so I don’t think we can use them. But I might be ignorant on that part, so please enlighten me.
ng-material: I’m looking into it.
etoven: I can’t reproduce any crashes. Tested on 53893 and 54055.

Nanomanpro: That is looking incredibly useful. Especially the extruding and scaling along the surface of the original mesh. Is anyone aware of any current methods in Blender which would already enable us to do this? If not, it would be a great functionality to write an add-on for. But I’ll have to check on technical and financial feasibility.

An overview of additions requested:

  • Automatically entering grab mode when a new vertex is created
  • Selecting one of the two other vertices instead of the newly created vertex
  • Creating the new vertex under the mouse cursor position
  • Add-on respecting snap-to-face setting
  • Add-on respecting smooth/flat shading

The main problem with some of these requests (especially the first three) is that they are conflicting with each other. I could add separate preference checkboxes for them, but that would greatly clutter the tool and decrease its acceptability for trunk. After is has been implemented in trunk, we can take it a step further.
Respecting the snap-to-face setting is very useful, but non-trivial. The videos posted by Nanomanpro are very interesting though.
Respecting smooth/flat shading is very useful, and the current behaviour could almost be considered to be a bug. I’ll add it in the version I will put in contrib svn.

Final note: nice to see some workflow videos in this thread. It’s always helpful for me to see how people use an add-on.

(kakachiex2) #58

This Cinema 4d retopo tools is similar to Metasequoia wire tools and face tools

(Crouch) #59


I have committed the F2 script to contrib svn. This means that from now on, it will be included in all custom builds you can find at for example graphicall.org

If you don’t want to wait for a custom build: you can download the newest version here.
New in this version is that the add-on now also respects smooth/flat shading.

(PLyczkowski) #60

@crouch Good to hear that you are consider extending the functionality.

Here is how it is approached in 3dsmax. So a similar one-click solution that I mentioned, but with dragging.