Fairytale Village

Hi all!

This is my latest project: Blender 2.75 Cycles render, 5200 samples, 2304 x 1296. Color correction with Gimp.

Not lamps, only hdri lighting. Textures from Cgtextures.com.

Inspired on Alsace, Colmar and beautiful medieval France, travelling by Google maps. I tried not to be influenced by Disney, but it is imposible for me.

Thanks for watching.

HQ on my blog:


Wow, awesome job! How did you make the roof in the background? Particle system?

hey there, really great job! I the style is spot on :wink:
Also good use of colors. The image is really pleasent to the eye.

The only things I see that are maybe not perfect are that you cut the roof beam on the top a bit with the image border. Also the image is a tiny bit “flat” maybe?

Well you did it again, awesome style!

Hair system i guess

Beautiful work! I just love the shapes you put in the house design. :slight_smile:

This is super awesome looking love the style. :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I love the style of your render.

I like this. Very nice to look at. Great job.

There seems to be a nice aesthetic about your street scenes, nice to see that things are still evolving as far as material and texture quality are concerned.

The only critique I have is that the high-frequency texture on the cobblestones is a bit regular, but the piece overall looks pretty good.

Only crit I could have is that it need more contrast. Also I’m afraid to ask about render time with that sampling :slight_smile:


I like the original better, it has more atmosphere and captures an overall “Disney enchanted village” feel, I think the artist did an amazing job as is.

Hooo Sergio, this is so amazing.

I really wish we met or discuss to make a tutorial about your workflow.
Your environement are always so fantastic… I LOVE YOUR WORK! :eek:

Beautiful! Can you share a tip about how you did the GLASS mat for the windows? I’m trying to make glass in UE4.
Anything can be of help! Keep being Awesome!

Thank you very much to all for your comments, and thank you very much to Blenderartists for put my artwork on top row. Thank you very much freinds.

-Meshmonkey: Hi! thank you very much. Yes, the thatched roof is with particle system, i used this grass tutorial:

-Karim Eich: thank you! I am glad you like it. Ok, i think you speak about the first roof house. Well, I had to cut it becuase the image would be very big with it. But I don´t know if it is that you say, sorry by my english jeje.

-Habauk: Thanks! And very good artworks on your artstation.

-Underhood: jeje, yes, it is. Thanks!

-Rachel: thank you Rachel! I tried to make a cartoon style environment, with curved lines.

-Kless: thank you very much friend, i am glad you like it.

-Sussi: thanks Sussi, I am happy you like the style!

-Rieath: thank you my friend for your comments!

-Ace Dragon: thank you very much. Good saw, it is true. The floor gave me a lot of matters, and finally it was the result, but I am not happy with it. Thanks friend!

-Bigbad: Thanks for comment! Yes, the postproduction with the color correction and the fog is always a dificult work, because you have to keep the contrast and add depth together. So, when I added fog all image lost contrast, it is true. Well, jeje, the render time was very long, I don´t remember how much exactly, but around five days.

-Andrev: thank you friend, I celebrate you feel an enchanted mood watching it, thank you very much.

-Pieriko: thanks Pierrick! Jaja, yes, it is true. I go to submit more information about that, for example OpenGl renders and other things. Thank you my friend.

Wooha, that’s is absolutely charming. Very inspiring work and a truly lovely style.

Utterly amazing work.

Thank you very much Minoribus and Safetyman. Your comments make me want to work more and better. Thanks!

actually, this is what i was talking about. But it is a really minor thing and depends on personal preferences i think :wink: Congratulations on top row btw.


Really great work on this. After seeing the closeup crop in post #18, maybe you should consider doing a couple close up renders.