Fairytale Village

(Madrid82) #1

Hi all!

This is my latest project: Blender 2.75 Cycles render, 5200 samples, 2304 x 1296. Color correction with Gimp.

Not lamps, only hdri lighting. Textures from Cgtextures.com.

Inspired on Alsace, Colmar and beautiful medieval France, travelling by Google maps. I tried not to be influenced by Disney, but it is imposible for me.

Thanks for watching.

HQ on my blog:

(Meshmonkey) #2

Wow, awesome job! How did you make the roof in the background? Particle system?

(Karim Eich) #3

hey there, really great job! I the style is spot on :wink:
Also good use of colors. The image is really pleasent to the eye.

The only things I see that are maybe not perfect are that you cut the roof beam on the top a bit with the image border. Also the image is a tiny bit “flat” maybe?

(Simon Liechti) #4

Well you did it again, awesome style!

(underhood) #5

Hair system i guess

(Rachel) #6

Beautiful work! I just love the shapes you put in the house design. :slight_smile:

(kless) #7

This is super awesome looking love the style. :slight_smile:

(Sussi) #8

Beautiful! I love the style of your render.

(Ryeath) #9

I like this. Very nice to look at. Great job.

(Ace Dragon) #10

There seems to be a nice aesthetic about your street scenes, nice to see that things are still evolving as far as material and texture quality are concerned.

The only critique I have is that the high-frequency texture on the cobblestones is a bit regular, but the piece overall looks pretty good.

(BigBlend) #11

Only crit I could have is that it need more contrast. Also I’m afraid to ask about render time with that sampling :slight_smile:


(andrev) #12

I like the original better, it has more atmosphere and captures an overall “Disney enchanted village” feel, I think the artist did an amazing job as is.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #13

Hooo Sergio, this is so amazing.

I really wish we met or discuss to make a tutorial about your workflow.
Your environement are always so fantastic… I LOVE YOUR WORK! :eek:

(Darkerer21) #14

Beautiful! Can you share a tip about how you did the GLASS mat for the windows? I’m trying to make glass in UE4.
Anything can be of help! Keep being Awesome!

(Madrid82) #15

Thank you very much to all for your comments, and thank you very much to Blenderartists for put my artwork on top row. Thank you very much freinds.

-Meshmonkey: Hi! thank you very much. Yes, the thatched roof is with particle system, i used this grass tutorial:

-Karim Eich: thank you! I am glad you like it. Ok, i think you speak about the first roof house. Well, I had to cut it becuase the image would be very big with it. But I don´t know if it is that you say, sorry by my english jeje.

-Habauk: Thanks! And very good artworks on your artstation.

-Underhood: jeje, yes, it is. Thanks!

-Rachel: thank you Rachel! I tried to make a cartoon style environment, with curved lines.

-Kless: thank you very much friend, i am glad you like it.

-Sussi: thanks Sussi, I am happy you like the style!

-Rieath: thank you my friend for your comments!

-Ace Dragon: thank you very much. Good saw, it is true. The floor gave me a lot of matters, and finally it was the result, but I am not happy with it. Thanks friend!

-Bigbad: Thanks for comment! Yes, the postproduction with the color correction and the fog is always a dificult work, because you have to keep the contrast and add depth together. So, when I added fog all image lost contrast, it is true. Well, jeje, the render time was very long, I don´t remember how much exactly, but around five days.

-Andrev: thank you friend, I celebrate you feel an enchanted mood watching it, thank you very much.

-Pieriko: thanks Pierrick! Jaja, yes, it is true. I go to submit more information about that, for example OpenGl renders and other things. Thank you my friend.

(minoribus) #16

Wooha, that’s is absolutely charming. Very inspiring work and a truly lovely style.

(Safetyman) #17

Utterly amazing work.

(Madrid82) #18

Thank you very much Minoribus and Safetyman. Your comments make me want to work more and better. Thanks!

(Karim Eich) #19

actually, this is what i was talking about. But it is a really minor thing and depends on personal preferences i think :wink: Congratulations on top row btw.


(harleynut97) #20

Really great work on this. After seeing the closeup crop in post #18, maybe you should consider doing a couple close up renders.