Faith [Finished]

(Lucrecious) #1


Game Contest Release

The release for the game contest is finally out… THIS IS SPARTA!!! No… THIS IS FAITH!!! lol

Anyways, I uploaded the .7z to 4shared:
Faith .7zip (58 MB)

Bye everyone!

EDIT: Use this version of blender for sound:




Ok, don’t worry if your excited… I mean, I was excited to play my game when I made this trailer XD. Tomorrow you’ll have a copy of the game :smiley:

Enjoy and remember to vote :smiley:



.blend Version Information
You will need 2 things to be able to play this at it’s full extend:
1.The Faith .blend
2.The Version of blender that can support .ogg sounds

For 2, you’ll need a version of blender that supports .ogg and .flac… Here is the BlenderArtists Thread:

here’s the with the Creative Commens Licience:

All operating systems can use this with the version of blender that supports .ogg and .flac. It’s Blender 2.49b with an add-on, so I high recommend it…

Pick the best Blender Version for your operating system.

BPPlayer Version Information
For this version of the faith game you’ll need 2 things, and 3 if your on Vista:
1.The setup for this game
2.A Windows Operating System
3.Admin Rights(Vista Only)

Here is the download for the setup:
Faith Setup (Filebin) FIXED LINK


Faith Setup (FileDropper)

This sadly doesn’t have sound because I was having problems turning this .blend into a BPPlayer. Hopefully, you won’t miss to much.

Again for vista will need ‘Admin Rights’, all you have to do is, right click on the shortcut, that is on your Desktop, then click, ‘Run as Administrator’.

Hopefully all of you will have ‘The Rights’.

Updates for this Version
1.Much less file size, used to be 107mb, now it’s 47mb(33mb compressed)
2.ogg sounds, you need the blender version that supports .ogg and .flac(
3.Village made by Excalibber, textures by Prip, Minifig and Excalibber

4.Something to small to notice.


Running through a dark and muddy forest, you have no idea where to go. You are lost. You stop running and start walking, trying to calm yourself from what just happened. Scared and lonely you try to find a way out of this forest. You finally see a bright light through some trees, you run towards it eagerly. You trip over a rotten sign, and you read it, ‘Follow the path to get to Jurone Village’

[Gameplay Starts]

Fantasy/RPG/Adventure/3rd Person

Current Team:
Character Modeller - Prip, Linkxgl, Lord M and ZombieJohn
Storyline- Linkxgl
Animation - kmcroxton
Landscape Modellers - micah702 and Linkxgl
Python - Linkxgl…
Enemies - Linkxgl
Concept Artists - Gamerboi
Music Composer - MashedbyMachines and Joe Cavers
Level Design(concepts) - Linkxgl
Level Design(Models) - All our modellers at some point hopefully
GUI Designer - Oyaki

Special Thanks to:(No Order)
Andrew-101 - Speech, AI Vision and enemy help with logic bricks
TheDave - Save/Load (oh yea :D)
PhilB - Direction Script(Character Movement)
Cray - Template (Used his as a guideline :D)
Social - Save/Load and more python experience
forTe - Find the first 2 letters of a word in a list
Blendermaster1025 - General Python Experience
Sambassador - Enemy Help with logic bricks
B3D00 - Camera Look
Blendiac - Blender experience(at the TOJam!)
vanlangjahr - Tree for logo

Phew, that’s a lot of people! If I missed someone, please just say, if you’ve helped me on anything in the discussion support section, you can say you helped me with his project! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your support guys!

Video Update 1
Video Update 2
Video Update 3
Video Update 4
Village Update Video

11/15/09; November 15th 2009

It’s getting a bit big with all the music and things, and I’m scared it’s going to be too much in the end.
Right now, it’s 109mb 0.o, yes, I know it’s a lot… But I think it’s worth it? I’m going to try to lower it, taking out un-useful pictures, maybe try to lower the music size.

This beta is going to be the last one before, until I have a village with all the towns people ready… So I hope you like the progress of this game ;)…

Faith Setup Download (Mediafire)
mediafire is the only one I could find with over 109mb, sorry :confused:

For the people on linux, I’m sorry it’s only on windows, but your not missing out on too much ;), I’ll try to see what I can do for the next release for linux.

The people on windows, if your on Vista or higher, you’ll need Admin Rights, right click on the shortcut and click ‘Run with Admin Rights’ (or something like that). Windows XP, I think you’ll be fine, just click and wait…

10/3/09; October 3rd 2009

Here are the game files (Direct Links):
Faith Beta Level .zip (Any OS)
Faith Beta Level .rar (Any OS)
Faith Beta Level .tar.gz (Linux)

July 15
Ok, someone from the team told me that there was a problem with the Load, so I made a fast quick, make file thing… You press S to make your file, or Enter to skip it and Load your game, I will have a menu for this… So here is the .blend file, no .zip or .tar.gz because we don’t need it anymore:

Whereabouts Unknown V3.2 Windows and Linux

Controls are in README text editor…
May 18th:
Blender 2.48a: Whereabouts Unknown 2.48a V1.0
Blender 2.49 RC3:
Whereabouts Unknown 2.49RC3 V1.0


May 24th:
Blender 2.49 RC3: Whereabouts Unknown V1.3


May 26th:
Blender 2.49 RC3: Whereabouts Unknown V2.0

May 27th: Blender 2.49RC3:[Faith:Whereabouts Unknown V2.3]( Features: Ledge Hanging: You can jump into the ledge hang. (only if you walk, glitch) Sword Moves Jumping: Further and higher, less accurate when you run, shorter and lower, more accurate when you walk. Full animations: Walking, Running, Jumping, Ledge Hanging, Sword Moves, climbing, idol/stance and a few more!


(dmills) #2

Sounds grand… too grand.

(Lucrecious) #3

It’s going to be very short, not like Zelda, like you do one dungeon, and kill the last boss.I know I’m thinking of it too much, like I’m using an ultra engine, but here’s the setting so far. 3 scenes for the fortress, 1 scene for the over world, 1 scene for the town, 4 scenes for the dungeon, 1 scene for the boss. Does that sound like too much? Because if it is, tell or I’ll be wasting my time for the 3rd time 0.o. Yea, I failed on making 2 games and I’m hping this one will go well.

(jplur) #4

If I had a dollar for every game I started and didn’t finish… well, I could probably afford autocad.

Good luck, screen looks good. Its a little dark though, maybe some moon behind trees to help flesh out the ominous forest idea.

(coonerboy) #5

I like the looks of the grass

(Lucrecious) #6

Yea, I start a game work on it for like 2 months, then give up, I’ve been working on this one for longer since I’ve realized that I needed to be organized. I’m going to add a skybox, that’ll do the trick, yea, I’ve noticed that it’s dark too, it’s that this scene has a small plane, so if I take off the fog, you’ll literly think the earth is flat lol.

(vitorbalbio) #7

I liked this grass :cool: :smiley:
Good Luck in your project and Keep Blending!!! :rolleyes:

(Lucrecious) #8

Ha ha, I’ve noticed, that you’ve noticed it’s from you grass tutorial, lol. I made the texture by myself. In fact, I used a bunch of tutorials and mixed them to create this. Yours was one of them! ha ha thanks.

(Captain Oblivion) #9

With all that grass and no foliage, it looks like a (very overgrown) field. I’m guessing you got a little overexcited with the grass- I recommend cutting the grass to half, maybe a quarter (leave it in clumps, thicker where the light would get through the trees better)
ideally there’d be bushes, and very importantly, rocks and slopes (especially in forests, where the trees hold the ground together in places, and push it around in others, the ground is VERY uneven)

sounds interesting though, I’m interested in where this goes. good luck : )

(mokazon) #10

I think there is too much grass. I can also see the grass repeating over and over again in rows. You shouldn’t have so much grass and make it more random. I would also recommend everything that Captain Oblivion said

Good Luck!

(blendmaster1024) #11

but you need more practice games first, if you still have that much to learn.
by practice games i mean the stuf that takes 20 minutes to do and that is not worth showing off
but pushes the limits of your knowledge really hard in just a few things.

(yavorh) #12

Hey m8, if i was you i would not use that grass it looks too fake, i recommend you adding some stars and a moon to lighten up the scenes because its too dark.
Keep working :wink:

(Lucrecious) #13

Ok, I only have like 5 minutes to be on the computer so, don’t nag me about spelling mistakes.
@Captain Oblivion: Will, lower the grass, I noticed that, too. I will also add all those things, rocks, bushes, thicker grass where the light hits more things like that. I didn’t overexcited, I just thought it would look better with a lot of grass =)

@Mokazone: Ok, I will delete some grass, but not alot, I think making it shorter will do the trick. =) Don’t worry, these pictures are just prototype, I’m going to add, take away, play with it.

@Blendmaster: I made enough games to start one :slight_smile:

@yavorh: I dont care if it looks fake and yes, I’ll add a moon and stuff.

I’m not allowed to use the PC on weekdays, because of school reasons, but I needed to tell you guys, so you’ll know I don’t have any updates. Ill get working on the weekend.

Edit:To all: Sorry, I forgot to say thank you for all your support I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot :smiley:

(MikeH) #14

I was just listening to that song as I read the title of the thread.

(JESUSFRK14) #15

Looks great, but give your grass a skake. It looks to tiled :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lucrecious) #16

Hey, guys, glad you like what I have so far, but, I have much much more! This is just a teaser!
@MikeH: Yea the song rocks!
@JesusFreak: Haha, yup, don’t worry, many people have told me that, so I’ll fix it this weekend along with what everybody else says. I’ll lower the grass, and randomize. Thanks.

(3dmedieval) #17

Sounds like “Planet of the Apes”. Your main character character can wear a toga and walk around cursing the “dirty, stinkin’ apes” under his breath. You may be too young to get those old movie references…

Anywho, I like the concept. I really enjoy a mix of stealth and action in games. Great AI will be critical. Prison breaks are always fun. 3 of my favorite games start with one - “Oblivion”, “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” and the ancient “Blade of Darkness”. I guess the formula works. Great motivation and an easy story line - get out of where you are and kill things doing it.

Good luck. I have a few models and hundreds of textures on my website you are welcome to use.

:ba:Mr T says" Stay in school and drink you milk, then kill some dirty stinkin apes!!"

(Lucrecious) #18

I’ll surely use the textures, but not the models, I can do those myself :wink: I can’t texture things for beans, so I’ll use yours for sure. Thanks, I also like action games witha bit of stealth, I know how to make Good AI, don’t worry about that!


(Lucrecious) #19

Hey guys, I’ve decided NOT to shorten the grass to much, but I will randomize it, because this is like a forest that no one has been through in a long time. It’s a magical forest, clean and free from all hard, but since evil has hit, the trees have been dieing first and grass has been, too(so I’ll make it brownish). I know the grass looks wild but if I shorten the grass, it looks really crappy. Trust worse then how it looks now, not that it looks totally bad :), I think adding the rocks and bushes will make it look more life like. Tell me what you guys think.

(Captain Oblivion) #20

Just remember that in a forest (that is, all forests I’ve seen) grass is very rare if at all present, because the light that makes it to the ground is very inconsistent, and filtered through the trees. This means that bushes and clumps of plants are more common, sitting it clearings or places where there’s a gap in the tree cover.

Also, a very important thing is level changes- not only does this make the game more interesting visually and gameplay-wise (what’s over the next bump?) but it’s more convincing.

If you really want to keep a lot of grass that’s your call, but I recommend at least making it uneven height. When it’s all one level it looks like someone took a laser and leveled the whole forest somehow without touching the trees.