Fake refraction with nodes in realtime - Bge Tutorial

Learn how to fake refraction with nodes for use’s in the bge you can use this to make your real time Water look even better

Normal Animated Water texture Download: www.mediafire.com/view/g036y81bznc0dxx/Water_1_Animated.png

Ship .blend www.blendswap.com/blends/view/76008

Could not find the old tutorial on making a animated normal map

This looks really impressive. Could be useful for the upcoming “Water”- themed BGMC.
How did you create the normal texture? Is it just procedurally generated?

a mix of this tutorial https://apricot.blender.org/tutorial-animated-normal-maps/ and this one http://www.thatimst3r.com/animated-textures

I’ve got a couple of animated normal maps here:
water_normal_maps.zip (3.07 MB)water_normal_maps.zip (3.07 MB)

Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll probably use this in my own projects, and it’ll be very useful for the coming BGMC 17.

Thanks a lot for this tutorial John hamilton!

This was my result:

Blend file here: